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Home Alone

She had the entire estate to herself, and all day to play in it

Site Staff El Paseo

She had the entire estate to herself, and all day to play in it. What’s a girl to do?


The Look

Get into a mix-and-match mood and embrace the art of accessorizing. Glam up the gala with attention to detail.

Michelle Roe El Paseo

As the party season begins in Greater Palm Springs, there are a variety of touches you can apply to ensure your outfit catches everyone’s attention.

Treasure Chests

This holiday season get your sparkle on

Site Staff El Paseo

These gifts from Frasca Jewelers in Palm Desert prove their luxury and beauty all within one glimpse.

Shop the Oasis

A renowned mecca for vintage midcentury design, 
Greater Palm Springs is also a vibrant shopping destination 
with high-end designer and specialty shops

Site Staff El Paseo

From the outlets to luxury shopping, the Greater Palm Springs area offers a variety of choices and opportunities to find what you’re looking for.

Barely There

Sport a sizzling style with these summer fashion essentials

Michelle Roe El Paseo

With summer upon us, we’ve put together the best looks, caught you up on the latest trends, found out what is inspiring designers, and put it all together into your Summer 2015 summer shopping picks.