The Water Cure

Give your health a boost by tapping into a Scandinavian tradition of rejuvenation that goes back to the Romans.

Julie Sinclair Current Digital, Health & Wellness

The Monkey Tree Hotel created a Scandinavian-inspired water circuit geared toward active travelers, which aids in relaxation and body tissues healing faster.

Client | Chantecaille

All-Over Goodness

Let those active skincare ingredients benefit your entire body.

Wendy Duren Current PSL, Health & Wellness

I would prefer the beauty business invest more time and effort in something I’m clamoring for and we could all use: body products with active skincare ingredients.


Join the Club

When it comes to getting special deals on spa and fitness memberships, being a local has its privileges.

Julie Sinclair Current Digital, Health & Wellness

When it comes to getting special deals on spa and fitness memberships, living in Greater Palm Springs has its privileges. Here are six suggestions.


About Face

These tips for your foundation, blush, and eyes will bring out the younger you.

Wendy Duren Current PSL, Health & Wellness

Makeup can’t stop the inevitabilities or replace them once they’re gone, but the right products used in the right way can lessen the loss.


Fountain of Youth

Is it possible to slow the effects of aging and chronic illness on the body and mind? These doctors and scientists think so.

Michelle Goodman Health & Wellness

We talked to several California scientists and medical practitioners about their work in the aging process and how it could help the average Coachella Valley resident better manage their health.

Jeff Taylor

Equality in Aging

A patient becomes an advocate for people living, and aging, with HIV.

Kent Black Health & Wellness

As more people live long and happy lives with HIV, a Palm Springs man is encouraging healthcare strategies to keep people healty and vital.

active seniors

Get Up, Stay Up, and Go!

Bodyworks physical therapist 
David Wilson is the go-to guy for active seniors.

Emily Black Health & Wellness

Experts at Bodyworks clinic in Palm Springs say age is less relevant in staying fit than it has ever been, which is good news for active seniors.


Eat Better, Live Longer

A focus on plants and variety 
may help the aging process.

Lizbeth Scordo Health & Wellness

The aging process raises risk factors for many illnesses, and a poor diet only exacerbates them. Nutrition is an often overlooked necessity by seniors.