Party of Two

Even before their maiden voyage to Palm Springs for Modernism Week 2017, a pair of designers summed up the city with a martini-strewn mock bathroom.

Lisa Marie Hart Interior Design

Two designers who had never set foot in the desert made a bold toast to the region’s next trend: the “party bathroom.” Dallas- and Seattle-based Pulp Design Studios capitalized on our open-minded outlook with their interpretation of the Palm Springs Modern Movement in a national ad campaign for DXV by American Standard that defines the period as 1950–1990. In testament,

indian wells

Dear Mr. Fantasy

This Indian Wells residence sumptuously unites Old World craftsmanship with grand flair.

Maggie Downs Home & Design, Interior Design, Real Estate

You could call them the dream team. Where many desert homes are chic and sparse midcentury time capsules, this stately abode is imbued with an adamantly traditional vibe. “It feels like you’re walking into something that was here 100 years ago — and it will be there for the next 100 years or more,” says Langlois, president and founder of


The Way 
We Sit

Three Professional perspectives 
on an Everyday essential.

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It’s easy to plop down in a chair without pondering its long evolution or the merits of its ergonomic construction. And yet furniture shapes our lives, even our bodies. What we put under us affects our mood, our posture, and possibly our life span. Value is in the eye of the beholder, but a decent 
chair is priceless. We spoke

morongo casino

Rising to the Occasion

The dramatic, new Drum Room lounge at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa offers sweeping views of the San Gorgonio and San Jacinto mountains.

Lawrence Karol Interior Design, Real Estate

Visitors to the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa in Cabazon are no doubt wowed by the stellar views from its 27-story tower—the tallest building in all of Riverside County. But the casino recently upped the wow factor quite a bit with the opening of its sophisticated, 26th floor lounge, The Drum Room. Previously known as Club 360 and used as

twin palms

Untouchable in Palm Springs

When a 1969 home frozen in a time warp hits the market, potential buyers swear they won’t mess with its authentic mojo

Lisa Marie Hart Interior Design

When I received an email inviting me to preview a 1969 Twin Palms estate via a 3-D tour, I clicked on the link with mild interest. Let me guess: another hackneyed midcentury-meets-modern-meets contemporary-with-a-twist listing. I was not prepared for one of the rare instances in my life where the adjective “jaw-dropping” was entirely accurate. For almost half a century, the

True Blue

You might not know it, but: You love blue. 
Color consultant Ron Scharfe tells you why.

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Blue, a primary color, is by far the most popular color family and the color most preferred by men.


Dramatic License

Designer Dorothy Willetts adds lots of light and more than a little glamour to an uninspiring home in Indian Wells

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Interior designer Dorothy Willetts’ dramatic transformation of a home at The Vintage Club in Indian Wells matches the country club community’s motto.


Artistic Leanings

Designers and artists Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder have created a serene home that’s the perfect canvas for their art

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Palm Springs designers/artists Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder took their 1961 condo and gave it a new look without adhering to a certain style.