Market Watch: Bubble-Free Zone

Fear that rising home prices will fuel market instability is unfounded.

Vic McDonald Market Watch, Real Estate

Even though home prices in the valley have risen 55 percent and distressed sales have fallen to 15 percent from a high of 60 percent, many people worry about this housing market.

Have No Fear

Fed Action Shake Out Speculators, While Market Remains Vital

Vic McDonald Market Watch, Real Estate

A 1 percent increase in mortgage rates in June and July scared many homebuyers, and generated a growing belief the recovery was over because higher rates were ahead.

Up With Value

Prices increase with demand for Coachella Valley homes

Vic McDonald Market Watch, Real Estate

Housing continues strong recovery throughout the Coachella Valley. The median price per square foot had risen 23 percent over last year.

Steady as it Grows

Key indicator suggests Fed sensitivity to the housing recovery

Vic McDonald Market Watch, Real Estate

Home prices are higher, but there is concern that the Fed’s Quantitative Easing program might create another price bubble or that rising mortgage rates of the last few months will stop the housing recovery.