The Birth of a Fountain

A Mexican father, a pioneer godmother and a staff of desert midwives brought the airport terminal's new "baby" into existence.

Site Staff PSL and Villager

A Mexican father, a pioneer godmother and a staff of desert midwives brought the airport terminal’s new “baby” into existence.

The Most Wives Club

The Gabors, Palm Springs’ first family of glamour, chronicled as never before.

Allene Arthur PSL and Villager

The Gabors are to Palm Springs what fancy desserts are to a good meal: We could get by without them but they do add such a luscious finishing touch.

Merry Christmas and Bon Appetit

Palm Springs Life goes Christmas recipe shopping on the desert and finds everything from cactus juice cocktails to stuffed artichokes.

Shar Cracraft PSL and Villager, Real Estate

Stuffed roast turkey, plum pudding, fruit cake — these are the traditional food for Christmas dinner and whose delightful odors emanate from every kitchen about this time of year.

The Desert Riders

For 64 years, members of this exclusive group have ridden off into the sunrise. But a change is on the horizon.

Carolyn Patten PSL and Villager

They are the true royalty of Palm Springs. Each Tuesday morning they emerge from the desert dawn, dressed in tailored riding pants and the customary — and not incidentally, custom-made — cambray shirts, set off by heavy silver collar points.

10 at 101

Palm Springs Desert Museum Celebrates a Decade on Museum Drive

Patricia Curry PSL and Villager

It has been said that “the important thing is not so much that everyone should be taught, but that everyone should be given the wish to learn.” For more than 15 years, the Palm Springs Desert Museum has given that gift of inspiration.

The McCallum Centennial – Palm Springs' founding family.

"... they came unto a land in which it seemed always afternoon ..." — Alfred, Lord Tennyson

PSL and Villager

The founding of Palm Springs might be placed at that moment in time when the educated son of an industrious Scottish farmer stood near the Indian Village of Agua Caliente at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains.

Howard Hughes

More Than Just a Tourist. . .

Site Staff PSL and Villager

Howard Hughes was a frequent visitor to the Palm Springs area for more than 30 years beginning around 1925. He stayed in a leased house or suites at the Racquet Club or Ingleside Inn, usually in the company of a young Hollywood starlet.

The Developers – Warren Coble

Leaving His Mark

Site Staff PSL and Villager, Real Estate

Coble put up some impressive buildings — buildings like Alan Ladd’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Las Casuelas Nuevas in Rancho Mirage, Ocotillo Plaza, Prickly Pear Square, Sinatra Medical Education Center, Canyon Hotel Racquet and Golf Resort and the Palm Springs Airport fountain and buildings.