There's A Dinosaur In My Chrysanthemums

Dinney the Dinosaur, 11 years in the making, is the first handsome brute in a garden of dinosaurs planned by his 78-year-old creator.

Rivian Taylor PSL and Villager 0 Comments

Anyone who passes by Cabazon, a little town a few miles northwest of Palm Springs on Interstate 10, can’t possibly miss the life-size model of a dinosaur that towers above the desert floor.

Walt Disney – King of Fantasy

Walt Disney combines artistry with vision, gives the tired old world a "laughing place"

Hildy Crawford PSL and Villager 0 Comments

Walt Disney, whose Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck brought laughter to the world and whose Disneyland is a playground for the world’s people, calls his home at Smoke Tree Ranch, “my laughing place.”

Fred Waring – Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

In the year 1917 there was born to this old globe a wacky little combo (two banjos, drums and piano) with the razzamatazz billing, "Banjazzatra."

Pat Oliver PSL and Villager 0 Comments

As an attraction, Fred Waring has outlived any of the musical fads which sweep the nation for a fleeting moment, and his name remains synonymous with the best in high-caliber entertainment.