top doctors 2017

Top Doctors 2017

A physician-led 
team identifies the desert’s 
top doctors in 
38 specialties.

Kent Black Top Doctors

There’s an old joke that you can never find a policeman/plumber/president when you really need one. Applied to medical practitioners here in the Coachella Valley, that old chestnut has absolutely no traction. The editors at Palm Springs Life do not think your health is a laughing matter. That’s why, when we put together our annual Top Doctors 2017 story, we

dr. jennifer hui

Jennifer Hui, M.D., F.A.C.S. — Top Doctors 2017

At The Eyelid Institute, precision and perfection are always the goals.

Lizbeth Scordo Top Doctors, Watch & Listen - Health & Wellness

For Dr. Jennifer Hui, there’s no better fit than the super-specialized field of oculoplastics. “I like very detailed things. I’m very, very precise and in the field of ophthalmology you need to be precise. Everything is down to the millimeter,” explains Hui, who also has an interest in plastic surgery. “When I discovered the subspecialty of oculoplastics, [which] combines plastic

dr. theodore d. masek

Theodore D. Masek, M.D. — Top Doctors 2017

21st Century oncology is in the 100 percent survival business.

Lizbeth Scordo Top Doctors, Watch & Listen - Health & Wellness

Radiation oncologist Dr. Theodore D. Masek loves many of aspects of his profession, which combines time spent in the clinic and operating room with physics and radiobiology planning, but his favorite part of the job is a no-brainer. “I’m actually curing patients,” says Masek, medical director with 21st Century Oncology in Palm Desert. “Not that many fields in medicine actually