REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon ‘Keeps Pushin’ On’

REO band members reflect how they have always been able to roll with the changes by continuing to “conquer the stage.”

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Classic rock stalwarts REO Speedwagon is in the midst of its 50th year as a band, and while they are taking that milestone in stride, they have noticed the fan response of late has been among the most vocal they have ever experienced. “Some of the audience reaction we’ve been getting has just blown me away,” admits REO frontman/chief songwriter

Palm Springs Mayor Rob Moon, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, Comic Con Palm Springs Founder Christopher Spellman.

Comic Con Palm Springs is Back

Founder Christopher Spellman reveals major highlights for event’s second year, including the return of Stan Lee, a bigger Zombie Walk, and concert with "Wonder Woman" Lynda Carter.

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Lynda Carter, Stan Lee, Lindsay Wagner and The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton. These celebrated pop culture figures may be in the spotlight at Comic Con Palm Springs this year, but it’s Christopher Spellman, the event’s founder/executive producer who continues to generate ample applause. It’s no easy feat launching a major Comic Con event — anywhere — for the first time.

Michael Childers' home

It’s a Fabulous Life

Michael Childers: "...I want to keep going. I’m a high-wire kind of guy and my mind is full of ideas.”

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“I adore all of you!” declares legendary celebrity photographer, producer, and humanitarian Michael Childers to the admiring audience. The man of the hour, looking rock-star rad in a black sharkskin jacket, op-art shirt, and black satiny slacks, is on the mic at the VIP after-party of his annual mega-benefit, One Night Only. Childers, who’s been christened “The Man With the

Frank Caliendo

Inside the Mind of Frank Caliendo

He hears voices, but it's a good thing. A master of impressions, Caliendo says he takes the silly approach when it comes to impersonating President Donald Trump.

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Sports titans John Madden and Charles Barkley have so much in common with Presidents Trump, Clinton, and Bush. They all share precious real estate in the creative and adventurous mind of master impressionist and comedian Frank Caliendo. Of course, Al Pacino, Robin Williams, the entire cast of Seinfeld, and a bold mix of various sports commentators and figures have been

Palm Springs Air Museum

Fly Boys

Palm Springs Air Museum will open new wing dedicated to Korean, Vietnam wars over Memorial Day weekend.

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When Nazi Fieldmarshall Hermann Goering saw a P-51 Mustang flying over Berlin, “he knew the war was lost,” according to historical accounts. The Mustangs were fast and powerful, and could fly six-hour missions. “They went like hell,” according to Col. Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson, author of  To Fly and Fight: Memoirs of a Triple Ace. Their success and longevity carried

Johnny Nicoloro

Sit Among the Flowers

Los Angeles camera artist Johnny Nicoloro displays his art of colorful photos in frames and on chairs.

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Although Los Angeles based camera artist Johnny Nicoloro has been photographing flowers for years, he just recently took his images “out of the box” and printed them on fabric for chairs. His double images of flowers on paper are coupled with the same image on a round-back chair on display now until the end of June at the Ted Casablanca

Captain Fantastic director Matt Ross and Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen Does His Homework for Captain Fantastic

Actor among trio honored along with"10 Directors to Watch" at Variety Brunch.

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Before accepting the role of Ben in Captain Fantastic, Viggo Mortensen had a few questions. Maybe more than a few. He sent a 15-page email to director Matt Ross with a whole slew of thoughts about how to attack the story. “Before Viggo came to set, I sent him a box of 12 or so books, books that I thought

Salukis in back of automobile

Dogs’ Day Out

The New Year Cluster brings top dogs from across U.S. to Kennel Club of Palm Springs show.

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Born to run. That’s the life of Ari and Rainey, a couple of desert-dwelling Salukis preparing for the New Year Cluster, an American Kennel Club–licensed event featuring all-breed dog shows and obedience and rally trials in January. The two pups will join an expected 7,000 entrants at the annual Kennel Club of Palm Springs event, Jan. 5–8 at the Empire

Palm Springs Horseback Riding

Riding into the Sunset

There is just the right horse with your name on it at Coyote Ridge Stables.

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There is nothing around for miles except desert wilderness. You hear the call of hawks and other birds. Your view is the breathtaking San Bernardino mountains. The air is fresh. Civilization seems far away. Your horse sighs. You sigh. Trail guide Sue Lund points to a distant peak. “Trail riders are stunned when I point out the top of the

International Banana Museum

Going Bananas

The International Banana Museum peels back the truth on why we do the splits over this fruit.

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Yes, we do have bananas. And lots of them. The International Banana Museum located in Mecca near the Salton Sea has more than 20,000 banana-related items to peruse. But first you have to sit at the banana bar and enjoy a banana shake, ice cream soda float, banana split or chocolate-covered banana. Don’t forget to sample one of four different