Close Encounters

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Natori negligée ($120) and chemise ($180) from Saks Fifth Avenue

When Life magazine ran a photo in 1941 of rising star Rita Hayworth in a sheer negligée kneeling on a bed made up with satin sheets, it energized soldiers fighting World War II and transformed pajamas from utilitarian threads to symbols of sexuality. Gifting Asian silks and European lace has been a token of love since the 18th century. Today’s finest designers — La Perla, Natori, and Chantelle — remind us that bare shoulders love warm hands, but hunger for the silky lingerie.

Lingerie from Saks Fifth Avenue

From left: Gossip Girl panties ($52) and bra ($122) by La Perla. Robe ($395) by Natori. All from Saks Fifth Avenue, The Gardens on El Paseo, Palm Desert.


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