Let Your Freak Flag Fly

At Coachella, trash-talking the looks is half the fun.

Emily Black Fashion & Style

Coachella fashion says let your freak flag fly during one of the country's the biggest music festivals.

111 East



Yes, many unethically farmed fish were harmed making these scaly pink pantaloon-chaps (patent pending), but you won’t care when he’s fanning you with a cut-by-hand paper fan in 115-degree heat and gives you one of his friendship chokers as a souvenir of your groovy and unrepeatable connection. Tiny mirrors on the jacket serve an additional function as backlighting for Instagram: no 
filters required!


If Olivia Newton-John and the lead singer of Devo had kids, you’d get these two, who have clearly completed the 90 Day Beach Body challenge for 365 days and are keeping European Wax Centers in business. Leotards will light up upon request. Jump squats and burpees can be arranged at the going rate of $1 per minute. If you place your head over the leotard hole, you can snap an awesome selfie that will be instantly blocked on social media.


Ziggy Stardust meets the abs of a Peloton instructor meets crazy yoga teacher “follow your bliss” lady meets Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. At night, however, this fellow has a signature pickup line that works for every pony: “Ever slept in the stars? I’ve got so many constellations to choose from, although I’d recommend the Big Dipper, which is conveniently located in my lap. No, you won’t need a telescope.”


Although this 
bunny appears to 
have gotten lost 
on the way to 
Burning Man, at 
least his basket is strategically 
placed, even if 
he’s already done 
the hunting and “gathering.” 
Still, nice kicks.


These three dweebs were in a punk rock 
band called Thunder Heaven in their Midwestern high school, and since they never could sing and still can’t, they’ve come up with another act: taking the so-called “twinning” trend to the unnecessary “tripletting” level. Also available as lawn ornaments for that flamingo-themed party you’ll never have. Added bonus: no Violent Femmes covers, although 
they do know how 
to harmonize to every 
Air Supply song, another totally 
useless skill.


Fashion inspo: Albuquerque Balloon Festival, every Jurassic Park movie ever made, and those floatable bath toys popular with toddlers the world over. This is what happens when you wait until the last minute to plan a child’s birthday party. When the bouncy houses, clowns, and unicorns are taken, you get this guy. He can make balloon animals, though. This is also a fallback outfit if, unlike many festgoers, you haven’t been drinking Skinny Tea and doing 450 situps a day. In that case, the dinosaur balloon is the new flattering tankini.