Festive Faces

Sparkle, glitter, and glow are the new sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.

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I’m completely in favor of beauty companies adding a new season to their yearly lineups. In addition to spring, summer, fall, winter, and holiday, let’s have festival.

A few lines and items are released slightly ahead of Coachella and Stagecoach; however, most appear to be afterthoughts rather than a serious direction, a cash-grab versus an actual utility. Worse, they’re no fun. Give me glitter. Give me something so shiny the Tesla in space can see it. Give me something that has no practical application in daily life.

Take Ciaté London Glitter Flip liquid lipstick ($19, Sephora). There are 13 shades, from nude to dark violet, and each dries flat and matte (as liquid lipsticks do). But two minutes after application, rub your lips together to reveal a seriously dazzling glitter-covered kisser. As the lipstick wears off, more glitter is revealed, until all that’s left is the sparkly stuff. This product is more party trick than makeup-bag staple and thus perfect for festival days and nights.

I love IGK Foamo Holographic Hair Foam ($22, Sephora). This mousse-like product can be strategically added to the ends of hair, in sections, or anywhere you’d like temporary color and iridescent glitter. The two shades shift in sunlight: Meteor moves from blue to purple; Moon Rock from pink to teal. Sadly, there’s nothing holographic about either, but the reality is still whimsical, easy, and inspires me to sing my own version of “San Francisco”: “Be sure to wear some glitter in your hair ...” My great love for this odd little accoutrement comes with the caveat that you really must commit: Accept that the glitter you apply to your hair will also take up residence on your palms, your face, your clothing, your hairbrush, and your pillow — at least until the next shampoo.

Glitter & Glow liquid eye shadow ($24, Ulta) from Stila was one of the best products released in 2017. If you’ve ever wanted the bold, graphic, glittery eye looks of Jem & the Holograms (the ’80s cartoon, not the awful movie), this product will get you there. The 12 glitter and six metallic finishes deliver a one-swipe opaque coating to lids, with little to no fallout. With delicate application and a light hand, these could easily slip into your daily makeup routine — but as they make 
the dramatic simple and achievable, go big 
or go home.

If disco ball is too over-the-top of a look for you, try these festival options. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil ($100, Neiman Marcus) is a beautiful, kissed-by-the-sun shimmer that comes with the added bonus of smelling great. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Liquid Liner ($37, Saks Fifth Avenue) comes in five shades infused with subtle hue-enhancing sparkle that will last all day and into the night without budging. Hot to Trot from Nails Inc.’s Dirty Unicorn collection ($15, Sephora) is a glitter polish that shifts from deep purple to sapphire blue and is worth the eventual hassle of removing. And Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Foundation with SPF 24 ($125, Saks Fifth Avenue) will give you a your-skin-but-better glow, as well as all-important sun protection.