Coachella Valley Offers Helping Hand With Domestic Tasks

Make those household responsibilities your charm, not your chain

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There’s so much to do, explore, taste, and buy here in the Coachella Valley, but sometimes, there aren’t enough helping hands or hours in the day to see them through to fruition.

Fortunately, several area businesses have developed a formula for removing the obligatory nature from domestic tasks, offering desert residents and seasonal visitors a chance to undertake household responsibilities with new vigor and chic resources.

Area restaurants are known for their inventive cuisines and innovative chefs. But for the seasonal resident or local, dining out each night may pose logistical problems, or even prove tiresome.

If so, register for culinary lessons at Cooking with Class in La Quinta.

Executive Chef Andie Hubka and her mother/co-owner Jane Angwin dedicate themselves to expanding the culinary vocabulary of everyone they meet. Hubka recently graduated the newest class of chefs in her school’s professional culinary program at their nearby restaurant, Cork and Fork.

Attendees of the students’ “last supper” feasted on a tasting menu consisting of fried ravioli stuffed with sweet dates and blue cheese, pasta tossed with a delicious and light tomato sauce, and bursting with grape tomatoes and olives, as well as a mouthwatering summery California corn soup that was so refreshing, it should become a regular menu item at Cork and Fork (hint, hint).

Hubka and Angwin received high praise from their students, who thanked both with flowers for the hands-on care and praise.

The 25-week professional course at Cooking with Class teaches everything from knife work to regional cuisines. Graduating participants are even rewarded with a Certificate of Completion from the school.

For residents who have small children at home, or wish to take on the task of becoming a part-time or full-time caretaker, there’s Desert Super Sitters.

Founder Christina Ellwood supplies families in the Coachella Valley with an arsenal of energetic, capable, friendly, and knowledgeable childcare providers. Each of her sitters is well-versed in individualized care, and many have received rave reviews from patrons.

All are certified in child/infant CPR, have passed FBI background checks, reference screening by the agency and possess at least one year of professional experience working with kids. Ellwood is also highly qualified; she holds a degree in Early Care and Education, and has spent a number of years learning various educational philosophies for better interaction with children.

Desert Super Sitters even offers a Wedding and Special Events Plan to keep the kiddies happy and occupied during major events.

Those of us lucky enough to live in a multi-level condo, or one of the desert abodes nestled in the mountains as you drive down Highway 111, know that cleaning is not a task for the faint of heart. When looking for a good cleaning person, loyalty, honesty, and skill are paramount.

Zen Maids offers eco-friendly residential and commercial cleaning services throughout the desert communities.

As one patron recently wrote in an online testimonial: “If you are looking for a cleaning service that will set up your house or just clean, do laundry, pick up your cleaning, have fresh flowers for you, even stock your refrigerator or fill any other reasonable request, Zen Maids is for you.”

Finally, for the busy family or swinging single who simply can’t manage to be in two places at once, there’s My-Extra-Pair.

Owner and full-time Palm Springs resident, Jonathan Freeman, understands the trials of being a world-traveler, and founded his business to make that process easier for others.

After moving to Palm Springs in 2012, his home was burglarized before his security system was installed. Freeman decided to put his doctorate degree in marketing to the test, shilling out his services to locals and visitors who need someone to hold down the home front. Freeman encourages patrons to get to know him – or anyone for that matter – before handing over their keys.

His service is affordably priced, ranging from approximately $18 to $40 per visit. Freeman’s service also checks for signs of pests, water damage, and unusual odors, which may portend deeper household issues.

For more information:

Cooking with Class, 47875 Caleo Bay Drive, #A107, La Quinta. 760-777-1161

Desert Super Sitters, 760-401-6248

Zen Maids, 44489 Town Center Way, #196  Palm Desert 760-851-0469;

My-Extra-Pair, 217 E. Mesquite Ave., Palm Springs. 760-206-1251

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