contour dermatology day of beauty

A Thing of Beauty

Contour Dermatology’s week-long “Day of Beauty” in Rancho Mirage raised $10,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City.

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contour dermatology day of beauty

(From left) Lee Erwin, Ashley Erwin-Jochen, Dr. Timothy Jochen,  Kayla Sachs, and CEO Scott Robinson of the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City.

Contour Dermatology’s garden party-themed “Day of Beauty” not only provided their patients a fresher look for spring, but it also helped raise $10,000 for youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City.

The week-long event featured virtual online consultations from March 1-5, and culminated in a limited RSVP in-person event March 6. At the in-person event, guests had the opportunity to watch exciting live demonstrations of beauty treatments performed by Dr. Timothy Jochen and other medical providers. Attendees also enjoyed an update from CEO Scott Robinson on the Boys and Girls Club’s activities this past year and an inspiring speech by Kayla Sachs, the club’s Youth of the Year.

Sachs, who will graduate high school this year, has been with the program for nine years and said, “The club has continuously managed to push me to my fullest potential. Every memory that has taken place within those big blue doors has served as a significant piece of my character and life. From the constant praise for my accomplishments to the reassurance when experiencing a failure, my club has always been there to pick me up and set me in the right direction. The direction of resilience, perseverance and patience.”

Sachs is one of 100 youth the club serves on a daily basis and 600 youth on an annual basis. Visit

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