Coral Stone patio and pool

Innovative, Enduring Beauty Enhances Your Landscape Designs

Safe, non-slip surface, reduces the chance of falls leading to injury.

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Coral Stone patio and pool
Coral Stone USA has long been a leader in innovative decorative architectural stone products that are certified for use by architects, interior designers, and other landscape professionals.

When you begin a construction project, especially in a desert climate, choosing materials that are as enduring and practical as they are beautiful will ensure results that meet or exceed expectations. Coral Stone USA has long been a leader in innovative decorative architectural stone products that are certified for use by architects, interior designers, and other landscape professionals.

“Our coral stone products are ideal for constructing bases, trims, columns, corbels, and other types of architectural stone preferences,” says Jorge Larrauri, president of Coral Stone USA. “Our broad knowledge and vast experience in the architectural stone industry is what makes our craftsmanship extraordinary.”

Explore what makes coral stone unique.

Coral Stone, also known as coralina, is a type of limestone obtained from tropical quarries, particularly in the Dominican Republic, where the best quality of stone is found. Coralina contains coral, shell fossils, and sand, all of which gives it its unique qualities of strength, durability, and elegance.

“Our natural Dominican coral-fossil, also called coralina or keystone products, are specially cut and sized to show the natural fossil patterns. What makes our products unique is that they are selected from the best blocks produced in the Dominican Republic,” notes Larrauri. “Customers love coralina because of its neutral color and rich texture that makes it a very versatile material for interior and exterior landscape designs. Clients come to us for columns, balustrades, handrails, moldings, corbels, fountains, and any other piece of craftsmanship that can be fabricated with our beautiful natural stone.”

Discover an exceptional choice for pool and patio.

Outdoor living is abundant in the desert and when designing a swimming pool deck, functionality is one of the most important considerations. Here in the Coachella Valley, where a beautiful, contemporary pool scape also needs to offer family members and guests a safe, non-slip surface with minimal heat retention, coral stone is ideal. One of the key advantages of coral stone is that it has a safe, non-slip surface, reducing the chance of falls leading to injury.

A second reason pool owners love coral stone is that it offers an unusually low heat-absorbency. That means this beautiful, durable stone has the ability to withstand all types of weather extremes, saltwater, and the sort of wear and tear that a typical pool is subject to. Using coral stone pool pavers when building a pool construction project will ensure years of enjoyment and a deck that stays cool underfoot. As an added benefit, coral stone is also resistant to mold, making it ideal for the growing class of people adopting saltwater instead of chlorine for pool sanitation.

Coral stone is also a great choice for beautiful and functional patio decks where you want to enjoy the sun but do not want a surface that heats up during the scorching summer months. Coral stone’s natural heat-reflecting properties ensure that any paved surface stays comfortably cool, even in the hottest climate. Landscape architects and do-it-yourself homeowners appreciate the fact that installation is easy, requiring little modification once the stone is cut to size.

Beautifully neutral and environmentally friendly.

Functionality is one thing, but your pool, patio deck, or other home improvement project also needs to complement your existing exterior and interior space. Coral stone has a color that is neutral and naturally muted; these natural tones complement any surrounding without taking center stage so your other design elements can shine.

Whether your color preference is red, gold, or white, this material blends in beautifully and perfectly accentuates everything from crystal-clear pool water and fire pits to soft scape greenery and interior décor.

The name “coral stone” may be unfamiliar to some and may make you think of the material found in coral reefs. In fact, coral stone is different from coral. Coral mining is the process of actively removing live coral directly from the sea. The process is very destructive to the sea and is sometimes carried out by dangerous machines.

Coral stone, on the other hand, is formed from fossils of sea organisms such as calcareous algae, corals from which it gets its name and other organisms with a calcium carbonate base. The substance is formed from fossils that were in the sea thousands or even millions of years ago. Quarries where the coral stone is mined are outside the sea and do not present any risk to coral reefs.

Bring the beauty of coral stone home.

Coral stone’s beauty and durability make it a very versatile building material that can add a unique elegance and quality finish to a variety of contemporary exterior and interior settings. This amazing stone is currently featured in high-end residences in Florida, including West Palm Beach and Naples, and luxury hotels in the Caribbean, Bahamas, and beyond. Coral Stone USA is a quarry owner and distributor based in Miami.

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