Custom Order Relaxation At Palm Springs Resort

Parker Palm Springs Spa Makes Sure No Two Treatments Are Alike

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Imagine something sinfully relaxing, like taking a low-key adventure — a Yachtsman's Voyage — right here in the Palm Springs area. 

You say, “Impossible!  You can’t get lost at sea in the middle of the desert.”

Not so, Matey! 

You'll find The Yachtsman’s Voyage, Lost At Sea and other nautically named spa packages inside the Palm Springs Yacht Club, which is located on the lush grounds of the Parker Palm Springs.

This spa luxury comes without pretentiousness, with unique touches that make everyone feel like a VIP.

When you walk through the doors of the PSYC, the staff welcomes you aboard with a complimentary shot of cucumber infused vodka.

“It’s a great way to start your treatment, to loosen up,” explains Stephanie Neely, the Spa Commodore. "It’s those little touches of being unique that separate us from all the others.”

And the special touches unfold as you make your way through the vast, ornate spa area.

“I like to describe this space as British Colonial meets India, with a twist of Ralph Lauren," said Neely.

The amenities include an indoor saline pool, two Jacuzzis, a eucalyptus steam and sauna room — one for men and one for women.

A unique space underneath a British-style canopy is used for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday parties and even yoga classes.

Sitting poolside, folders contain unique selections of music that you choose for your spa treatment.

”We’re not going to play what we think will relax you, you actually get to choose from a huge array of unique musical selections for your experience,” adds Neely.

You'll also get to choose what you read as iPads replace magazines at the PSYC.

Speaking of reading, you won't want to miss the Magnificent Manifesto that hangs majestically in the pool area.

Next stop on your journey to the ultimate, customized, spa experience is the Relaxation Room.

It's dimly lit with candles, and it's here where you can apply a complimentary cold mask to your face, as you await your treatment.

The massage rooms are all named after winning yachts from the America's Cup races, and — just like your spa treatment — everything here is custom built.

You can choose one of the PSYC’s pre-packaged spa experiences, as well.

So, whether you choose an adventurous Yachtsman Voyage, or choose to indulge in a Guilty Pleasure, everything matches your specifications, including the aroma used during the treatment.  

“You can choose from six all-natural scents, including mandarin and oolong."

And, another bonus?

"Every massage ends with a complimentary foot scrub!" says Neeley.

All of that TLC can wipe you out.

Feel free to anchor yourself outside at the private deck area, where you can enjoy soaking up the Palm Springs sun, with a cocktail or some lunch.

Clemens Kleine, of Germany, has been visiting this location for 25 years.  "This place is perfect. I love the music and the hours of relaxation here. When I'm here I feel free."

That's what it's all about at the PSYC — a spa experience that helps free you from daily stresses of life and is always uniquely designed to tailor each person's needs. 

At the PSYC, it's okay — in fact, they insist — that "it's all about you.”

"We are really redefining the spa experience, here at the Palm Springs Yacht Club," Neely said.

For more information, or to book a spa experience at the Palm Springs Yacht Club, click here.

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