Deep Thinking

Sink into the massive appeal 
of natural stone.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

Define a wall or create a headboard with these easy-install padded panels that snap into a hidden track. Twi sizes, four finishes, and 13 colors bow to your vision.

Few sounds of the season bring a warmer anticipation than hot running water filling the tub. Half the joy and relief of a long winter’s soak comes from that comforting sound, and from watching the waves of steam as they rise from the bath to fog the mirror.

Of course, the other half comes from the experience itself — which ideally begins with an incredible bathtub. We find it hard to ignore these vessels by Neutra (no relation to the architect). Each one-of-a-kind tub, sink, and shower floor from this Italian company is carved from a block of natural stone.

The stones are plucked for consistency and color from quarries in Italy and abroad. Once transported, they are processed according to strict quality standards with cutting-edge technology, finished by skilled craftsmen, and treated with anti-stain products to guarantee perfection. Intentionally neutral, the stones are homogeneous yet untraditional, selected to represent Neutra’s organic style.

The result is what the company likes to call “an inspired dialogue between natural materials and evolved technologies.” (Basically, one wildly beautiful bathtub.) Nine types of stone create a quiet palette of gray, brown, black, and white that blends into any scheme.

From freestanding columnesque “monolith” sinks to deep, tapered soaking tubs set into wood, their self-styled “soft modern” feel and cool spa aesthetic make a soothing statement in any space. Consoles, shelving, tile, and accessories complement larger pieces for cohesion throughout the bathroom.

Neutra’s flagship store is in Milan, Italy. In California, Mass Beverly in Los Angeles is the company’s exclusive showroom.

ABOVE: Complement 
your soaking tub with 
one of Neutra’s sinks, each carved from a single 
block of stone. A pair 
of Flute washbasins 
double the drama. 
BELOW: The Duo tub with optional Kauri board.