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Back and neck pain become things of the past at DOC’s Comprehensive Spine Center.

June Allan Corrigan Current PSL, Health & Wellness

eisenhower desert orthopedic center


Back and neck pain are two of the most commonly cited health complaints and indeed can be quite debilitating. Fortunately, the Comprehensive Spine Center — a facet of Desert Orthopedic Center (DOC) — is ready, willing and able to help patients find solutions for their pain. DOC’s Comprehensive Spine Center offers a complete array of diagnostic and treatment services to help patients achieve and maintain healthy backs
and necks.

The essence of the practice is built right into its name. Namely, it is comprehensive. Pain relief for some individuals may lie in simple physical therapy, for others it might come by virtue of epidural steroid injections. Still others might benefit from surgical procedures ranging from the minimally invasive to the extremely complex. At DOC’s Comprehensive Spine Center, any one of these approaches — and many more — are possible. The Center’s highly qualified staff of spinal surgeons, pain management specialists, physician assistants, and certified nurse practitioners work closely together to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.

As the leading spine care facility in the Valley, DOC’s Comprehensive Spine Center offers a complete range of diagnostic and treatment services. It also benefits from its affiliation with Eisenhower Health. This gives it access to the best state-of-the-art equipment, an outstanding nursing and support staff and of course, EH’s unparalleled facilities. Individuals seeking solutions for back and neck pain can schedule an appointment at DOC’s Comprehensive Spine Center on EH’s main campus.


From left: Inayat Moosa, PA-C; Janet Conley, NP-C; Marianne Dezelan, PA-C; Michael Guiles, PA-C; and 
Kirt L. Edly D.C., PA-C.

If it is more convenient, patients can also visit the clinic and procedure location in Palm Springs — an exact replica of the facility in Rancho Mirage — or a clinic location in La Quinta.

Precision Pain Management

Pain — and more specifically, back pain — is all too prevalent in today’s society. Many resources have been called upon to address the issue and in some cases the cure has proved worse than the initial problem. As news reports have revealed, an unfortunate reliance on pain medication and its subsequent abuse had led to the current opioid crisis. However, it has never been DOC’s Comprehensive Spine Center’s practice to prescribe high doses of opioids. Rather, it has always trained its focus squarely on precision management — namely, carefully addressing each aspect of patient care
from initial consultation, diagnosis, and treatment
on through recovery.


From left: Hazmer H. Cassim, D.O.; 
Reginald Fayssoux, M.D.; A. David Tahernia, M.D.; 
Phillip Jeffrey Smith, D.O.; and Kevin Wong, D.O.

In its quest to continually develop and maintain comprehensive programs in all areas of orthopedics, Desert Orthopedic Center saw fit to create the Comprehensive Spine Center as one facet of its overall practice. DOC recognized the prevalence of back and neck pain among the population and the need to assemble highly trained spinal surgeons, spine pain management specialists and attending physician assistants and nurse practitioners under one umbrella.

Surgical services specialists include spinal surgeons A. David Tahernia, M.D. and Reginald Fayssoux, M.D., along with Kirt L. Edly D.C., PA-C and Inayat Moosa, PA-C. Meanwhile, comprehensive pain management specialists include Hazmer H. Cassim, D.O., Phillip Jeffrey Smith, D.O., Kevin Wong, D.O. as well as Janet Conley, NP-C, Marianne Dezelan, PA-C, and Michael Guiles, PA-C. Viewed as one, they form a comprehensive team.

Founded in 1976, Desert Orthopedic Center is the oldest multi-subspecialty provider in the Valley addressing all aspects of orthopedic care. It is this premier institution’s belief that back and neck pain should never dominate anyone’s life. Hence, DOC’s Comprehensive Spine Center was born and it continues to be a model of successful collaboration.

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