Desert Palette

The new neutral wedding colors are as eye-catching as the bright, color-drenched favorites

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As a truly timeless destination, the Coachella Valley doesn’t put much stock in “colors of the year” or the latest crazes in hues and shades. We tend to create our own paint box of colors that spring from two very different sources. This year, a range of subtle earth tones gives a polished nod to the landscape’s soft, sun-washed neutrals. Look for steely pewter, platinum, and silver-gray, along with sandy champagne, soft gold, and blush pink that hint at a desert sunset. For ultimate neutrality, couples love the way a crisply formal blank and white or even an all-white scheme quietly comes together to let the backdrop of choice speak for itself. On the flip side, vibrant vintage-inspired colors provide an instant burst of sunshine and visual excitement. Weddings with a retro spin often feature pops of hot pink or juicy orange — sometimes paired happily together.

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