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What to wear, buy, and bring to Coachella and Stagecoach.

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It’s that time again: Coachella Music and Arts Festival (April 12-21) and Stagecoach California’s Country Music Festival (April 26-28) are back. You’ve got your tickets. Now, use our quick-reference guide to make your experience a memorable one:


Expect to spend money at Coachella and Stagecoach. You’ll need cash for:

  • Food
  • T-shirts and other memorabilia
  • Alcohol. Outside booze is forbidden, so you’ll have to buy theirs.
  • Special events and promotions. The Ferris wheel at Coachella and other attractions cost money.
  • Emergencies. You may also need to pay for transportation. Try SunLine Transit Agency, 760-343-3456 or American Cab, 760-322-4444


Most of the essentials you’ll need for Coachella and even Stagecoach must be purchased on-site. Aside from your entry wristband and passes, here’s a list of what to bring:

  • Backpack
  • Antibacterial wipes and/or gel
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • Earplugs
  • Empty, refillable water bottle: Fill up at festival venue.
  • Tissues or handkerchiefs
  • Travel umbrella: Festivals occur, rain or shine.
  • A small mirror or compact
  • Headgear: Baseball caps, scarves, bandanas, cowboy, or straw hats.
  • Medicated adhesive bandages. There’s a medic at festivals, but for minor cuts and scrapes, handle them yourself.

Find these first 10 items at Big 5 Sporting Goods,
• 78710 Hwy. 111, La Quinta, 760-771-6626;

2465 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Ste. 805, Palm Springs. 760-325-0255;
72284 Hwy. 111, Palm Desert, 760-340-3358;

  • Layers of clothing. The desert swelters by day and chills at night. Ladies, change into tights, warm socks, and a hoodie when the sun sets, and wear comfortable shoes. Guys, bring a pair of long underwear, warm socks, a shirt or jacket for sundown, and wear walking shoes.

Get gear at The Shops on El Paseo,
El Paseo between Hwy. 74 and Sage Lane, 760-341-4058

  • Credit or debit card: Diversify the way you buy.
  • Digital camera. No professional camera equipment allowed.
  • Moisturizer. Try Kerstin Florian Sun Aloe Gel, exclusively at Renaissance  Esmeralda Resort & Spa, 44400 Indian Wells Ln., Indian Wells. 760-773-4444;
  • Identification
  • Smartphone. Your mobile will help you find friends, your car, tweet happenings, and have a light source when the sun goes down.
  • Business cards. Get yours at Desert Grafics, 303 N. Indian Canyon Dr., Palm Springs. 760-323-2739
  • Beach towel. Cop a squat on the grass with a super-plush towel from Tuverson & Co., 73920 El Paseo # 2, Palm Desert. 760-346-5577
  • Pain reliever. Leave in original packaging, as this is subject to confiscation.
  • Tampons. Use these for obvious reasons, or to stop heat or injury-related nosebleeds.
  • Antacids. There’s nothing worse than an upset stomach in the middle of a field packed with strangers. Beware, however. This is subject to confiscation.
  • Antiperspirant. Don’t be the smelly hick, hippie, or hipster in the desert.
  • Breath mints. Score the last five items on this list at Alkobar Quick Stop & Deli, 42005 Cook St., Palm Desert. 760-773-3359.

For more information, visit


  • Expect long lines — for everything, including toilets.
  • Be prepared. Pack light and bring warm clothes for the evening.
  • It’s a family affair. Coachella admits children five and under for free and offers a family friendly play area for little ones. At Stagecoach, kids 10 and under get in free.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • You’ll be on your feet all day.
  • Expect lots of pedestrian traffic.
  • Re-entry to Coachella permitted; at Stagecoach for RV campers only.
  • It’s loud.
  • Take antihistamines before you arrive. Some over-the-counter meds are subject to confiscation, but can be purchased on-site if needed. Prescription meds at both festivals must be accompanied by a doctor’s note or verifiable prescription bottle.
  • Treat celebrities like people. They’re there to enjoy themselves just like you are, so keep screams to a minimum.
  • If hotel rooms are booked, expand your search to include realtors. Pitch in with friends and rent a house or condo. We love Andrew Merskin, 760-567-9444, Saxony Real Estate, 760-773-3344, and Lance Frank, 760-262-3332.

Africa & Beyond
333 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92262


Love Stuff
304 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92262

Bargain City 99 Cents+ Store
1790 N. Sunrise Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Don Vincent Store for Men
• 285 S. Palm Canyon Dr., # D1, Palm Springs, CA 92262
• 73690 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260

JC Penney
72900 Hwy. 111, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Models: Roland Zaleski, Nick Marcucci, Alexandra Lee, Manuel Schwarz, Zachary James, Margaret Peng.
Photography: Lara Rossignol
Hair and Makeup: Wendy Osmundson
Stylist: Ebony March

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