Designs on Saturday Mornings

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Sustainable Living workshops benefit the Tahquitz Creek Trail project

While motorcycles zipped down Palm Canyon Drive for bike weekend in October, about 20 people gathered in the courtyard of The Corridor with serenity in mind. They wanted advice on how to create a pleasing environment outdoors.

Landscape designers Paul Ortega and Glenn Huntington presented the first in a series of workshops organized by DIGS (“design-inspired garden spaces”) at The Corridor. DIGS owner Paula Walters lined up experts — including DIGS’ in-house consultants — to present a variety of design topics on Saturday mornings. For $15, attendees hear tips such “your landscape needs some underlying theme that represents you,” “buy plants in multiples for cohesiveness,” and “leave 4 1/2 feet between a tree and hardscape.”

Proceeds from the workshops, which run 60 to 90 minutes, benefit local charities. October/November’s Total Living series benefited Well in the Desert. The Modern Living workshops (Jan. 16- Feb. 6) benefit Palm Springs Modern Committee, and Feb. 20-March 13’s Sustainable Living workshops benefit the Tahquitz Creek Trail project.

For a schedule and to make reservations, call 1-760-325-6601 or visit

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