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Make it a Weekend

Wedding celebrations lasting the entire weekend are common in Greater Palm Springs, often including welcome parties and a send-off brunch.

Emily Chavous Foster Current Digital, Weddings

villa royale palm springs

Villa Royale in Palm Springs offers an adults-only environment and plenty of amenities for a wedding weekend.

It’s hot to get hitched in Greater Palm Springs. As a sought-after destination for events of all types, the area sees a large volume of multiday hotel buyouts. Celebrations that last the entire weekend often pack in welcome parties, pool time, and post-ceremony send-off brunch.

Budget permitting, is it worth the added expense to extend festivities over an entire weekend? “Yes, of course!” says Joey Lizotte, of Artisan Event Floral Décor. “If you’re bringing people to a destination, it’s thoughtful to have plans for them the day before and after your wedding. These events help people get acquainted, stay entertained, and keep them fed and drinking.”

He advises putting more effort into the pre-ceremony get-togethers to create a fun-filled destination experience rather than the day-after events. Photographer Christina Frary of Mathew David Studio and Desert Pop Up agrees: “I have seen post-wedding brunches with everyone except the bride and groom in attendance. Some brides and grooms are thrashed from the night before, so it really comes down to how social you are.”

themed weddings

Bri and Reid envisioned a 1960s- and ’70s-inspired love-in that felt like a step back in time. To achieve the look, the bride’s mother scoured vintage stores for decorative objects like eight-track players and old board games and books to help transform the space.

“We really relied on our guests to take the theme seriously and come dressed to impress,” the bride says. “There was no dress code other than ‘wear something funky and far-out.’ Luckily for us, most of our guests took it seriously and came with some incredible looks.”

To relay the theme to guests, the couple built an extensive website with links to online stores and an inspiration board to get their vision across. “It was important that it didn’t feel like a costume party, but more so a trip back in time. We were very much of the mindset that anyone can obviously do whatever they want. Seriously, we didn’t stress too much about it and felt confident that a good majority of our friends would understand the assignment.”

If you’re considering a themed wedding, Bri says, as a couple, you’ve got to go all in. “If one person has doubts, it might make it more challenging to make decisions. Ultimately for us, it made the day feel way more special. It was something that we created together and got to see come to fruition with all of our closest friends and family. The feedback we received from our guests was incredible. They loved planning for an event that was a little out of the ordinary, and it felt special to them to be a part of it.”

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