Dining in a Winter Wonderland

A Palm Springs interior designer shines light on the "Do's" of holiday decorating

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The holidays were a magical time for Palm Springs interior designer Lori Tiedeman when she was growing up.

“I’d enjoy decorating the tree with my father, testing mom’s food recipes, and wrapping gifts,” she fondly recalls.

Each year, Tiedeman tries to lovingly re-create that same magic for her own family. “I love decorating and have found over the years that it makes me stop and really enjoy the special moments,” she says.

An interior designer for more than three decades, Tiedeman has hundreds of ground-up projects and revamps in her creative portfolio. In recent years, the designer has extended her talents to Vision Events, where she oversees all aspects of a project, from invitation to location and overall aesthetic.

Here, the doyenne of all things design tells us how to bring the holiday magic to our own homes.

How early in the season should we begin decorating?

My philosophy is to try and organize myself so that everything is enjoyable and not last-minute panic. I love for this season to linger as long as possible, and therefore I start decorating the day after Turkey Day. That way you can spend time really making it the way you want it and savoring the moments.

What area of the home is often overlooked?

Never forget the front entrance; that’s the first impression and will set the mood. This space is a reflection of the magic inside. Add enhancements to the architectural arches or front doors of the home with a beautiful lit garland and wreaths, decorative figures, and colorful accents.

What is your favorite thing about decorating for the holidays?

The magic it brings to the home. Don’t just get through the holidays; let it be the one time of year that everything you do is about bringing your loved ones home.

What items are great for tabletop decoration?

Collect pine cones, rocks, and even branches; paint them with metallic spray paints like gold, bronze, copper, and silver; display them on trays or in bowls. Add candles in or around them for a pretty centerpiece. I also use my wrapped gifts as décor; I color coordinate my papers and ribbons and place wrapped gifts on top of armoires, or purposefully position them in corners or under console tables to add color.

What elements really “wow” guests?

Companies will bring actual snow in for you, and they have snow flurry machines that can be rented for a winter storm feel. You can also turn your home into an experience, whether it be a fun, childlike Santa’s Village or a beautiful Winter Wonderland.

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