Dr. Scott Aaronson

Dr. Scott Aaronson: Vision 2018

Owner, Aaronson Plastic Surgery Center.

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Dr. Scott Aaronson
Dr. Scott Aaronson
Dr. Scott Aaronson

Owner, Aaronson Plastic Surgery Center

“People want to feel good and look good, and what better place is there to do it than here in the Coachella Valley?” says board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Scott Aaronson.

After launching his general plastic surgery career here in 1984, Aaronson transitioned to aesthetic procedures, building the state-certified Aaronson Plastic Surgery Center in 1998. Offering large operating rooms and comfortable overnight facilities, the center performs all types of lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, rhinoplasties, and breast surgeries, including corrective work
for implant problems.

While he keeps a busy schedule, Aaronson finds it easy to relax here. “The weather is fantastic 360 days a year and everything is close by. If you need to go to the beach or the mountains, you’re two hours away. You can travel and still spend time with your practice. You can hit a happy balance.” He’s also an avid photographer and accomplished flutist; he attended the University of Miami on scholarship and played in the marching band before completing his medical training in Irvine and Houston.

With the valley’s recent growth spurt, Aaronson is encouraging other doctors to follow in his footsteps. “After seeing the residency program at Desert Regional and Eisenhower hospitals, I think this would be a great location for new physicians,” he says. “I anticipate that many of them will want to stay, raise a family, and open up a practice here because they can appreciate how wonderful the Coachella Valley is.”

VIDEO: Dr. Scott Aaronson talks about finding balance between his practice and home life.