Dressing for Saxony Group Fashion Week El Paseo: Part 1 (Get Ready)

Fashion Editor Susan Stein provides tips on dressing for the occasion

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Palm Springs Life Fashion Editor Susan Stein (right)

offers these tips for dressing for Fashion Week.

This is the first of a four-part series.




Saxony Group Fashion Week El Paseo gives us the opportunity to embrace fashion and have fun while doing it.

Although there are more than 2,000 charity and social events in the desert during the "season (that call for a heightened fashion sense – or some such!), this very special week of events can be daunting to even the most confident fashionista.

My advice: Have fun, and use Fashion Week as an opportunity to go to the "fashion edge."

How  many times have you seen something fashionable that you loved and said to yourself, "Where would I ever wear that?" If there is a trend that has caught your eye, Fashion Week provides a chance to try it now! If you have always wanted to dress like a fairy princess, you will definitely have some company during Fashion Week. (So much tulle, so little time!).

If you look like you have stepped right off the runway, here's your shot. If you see someone wearing a look that you like, create your own version that suits you perfectly. In other words, at Fashion Week El Paseo, anything goes!

Need some help? Start with the basics:

1. Choose which nights you will attend Saxony Group Fashion Week El Paseo.

2. Visit fashionweekelpaseo.com and make your choices – get those tickets NOW.

We assume you are attending every event because you wouldn't want to miss any of them. However, if you are attending ony one or two, you can try to fit the theme of the evening (LBD*, couture looks, edgy hip styles, Project Runway inspiration, etc..).

* = Little Black Dress

Coming: Dressing for Fashion Week: Part 2 (Get Organized)

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