Earthquake Curiosity Keeps San Andreas Fault Tour Hot in Palm Springs Area

Desert Adventures’ Red Jeep Tours and Events takes you right into the middle of the fault zone

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For all of their potential destruction, earthquakes continue to fascinate us.

That curiosity drives visitors and even locals to Desert Adventures’ Red Jeep Tours and Events to gain a close-up look at the San Andreas Fault.

“People want to understand what the San Andreas Fault is and how it works,” says Desert Adventures’ co-owner, Bob Schneider. “We take tours into the heart of the fault, in a jeep limited to seven people. I like to think of it as an oriental cookie. One wafer is the Pacific Plate; the other wafer, the North American Plate. We take you, literally, right into the middle of the fault zone. It’s an intimate tour within a beautiful natural preserve.”

This summer has been all about the drought in California, but recent movie releases like San Andreas bring the realities of an earthquake disaster back into the conversation.


The seven person jeep is dwarfed by the surrounding mountains.


Highlights on the San Andreas Jeep Tour

• Explore a natural palm oasis where water from an underground aquifer rises.

• Learn about the early settlement of the Coachella Valley, the history of native desert Cahuilla Indian culture, and visit a recreated Cahuilla village.

• See a geological wonder as you walk between steep walls and deep canyons that are created by the movement of techtonic plates.


Desert Adventures' exclusive Metate Ranch located in the Indio Hills.


Desert Adventures is the only outdoor adventure company that has exclusive access to the private 800 acre Metate Ranch, located in the Indio Hills.

Programs offered by Desert Adventures include jeep, wagon, hiking, and sightseeing (bus) tours, school/youth programs, family adventure programs, unique team building, as well as special parties and events. Desert Adventure naturalist guides receive more than 200 hours of training prior to conducting a tour, and most guides have been with the company for more than 10 years.

All guides are CPR and first aid trained and ready to pepper your visit with stories about plants, animals, geology, Cahuilla and pioneer culture as well as the mining history of the region.

Desert Adventures Red Jeep Tours and Events, 760-324-5337;


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