Editor's Letter February 2011

In Search of All Things Modern

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A former colleague in Palm Beach, Fla., recently told me I was off my “Rat Pack rocker.” She and I wrote dualing essays for a Palm Beach Illustrated feature story we called, simply, “Palm Beach vs. Palm Springs.” While she went on about tradition, opulence, and the pillars of society, I focused on a vibe — a fun-loving lifestyle rooted in modernism, casual sophistication, and community. This is the Palm Springs I know and love. And nothing punctuates this vibe more than Modernism Week, which actually spans 10 days this month and draws architecture and design enthusiasts from around the world.

In this issue, Palm Springs Life celebrates modernism, with the cover story, “The Quiet Elegance of Donald Wexler,” which profiles the architect who’s the subject of a new Palm Springs Art Museum exhibition, Steel and Shade: The Architecture of Donald Wexler. In our fashion feature, “Retro Casual,” photographer Michael Childers collaborated with stylist Marlene Blackwell and collectors of vintage 1960s Pucci flight attendant uniforms designed for Braniff Airlines. With a backdrop of the hip Riviera Palm Springs, the brightly patterned outfits look as fresh as ever mixed with contemporary fashions.

So get off your Rat Pack rocker and check out our complete guide to Modernism Week in the Desert Guide. Get out and enjoy!

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