bella da ball ace hotel bingo

Editor’s Pick: Case of the Mondays?

There's a cure with a tasty dinner at King's Highway and Fabulous Bingo with Bella da Ball at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs.

Emily Chavous Foster Attractions, Current Guide

bella da ball ace hotel bingo

If you’re relying on water cooler talk to get you through the first day of the workweek, you’re clearly due for a night of Fabulous Bingo at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs. Local drag star Bella da Ball — aka Brian Wanzek — has been calling games and clanking the cowbell at the Ace for more than a decade.

Shenanigans unfold at King’s Highway, the trendy on-site diner, from 7 p.m. until just before 9 p.m., when Bella shifts the action to the cozier Amigo Room bar for two hours of laugh-your-wig-off trivia.

Pro tip: Grab a reservation timeslot that’s at least 15 minutes before start time, so you have a chance to pick up your bingo board and order dinner before the games begin. Play moves fast, and a variety of board patterns are played — get lucky with a bingo, and you just might score a free slice of Banoffee Pie.

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