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Drive-In Concert on the Yucca Mesa in Yucca Valley


Drive-In Concert on the Mesa

Date and Time: Every weekend at sunset

Location: the Mon Petit Mojave ranch, a 15-acre property located in the Yucca Mesa in Yucca Valley, California.
The show is also livestreamed from the ranch at

In these trying times, we can all use a little bit of music to lift our spirits and remember that this too shall pass.

We are following CDC, state, and federal guidelines in order to provide a musical experience to our local communities in the Mojave Desert.

The show must go on – with the necessary precautions of course. A Drive-In Concert is a safe way to practice social distancing while taking care of your mental and emotional health.

We are offering a FREE concert amongst the beautiful Joshua Trees, up in the Yucca Mesa.

We own 15 acres of beautiful, untouched land, and we’ll be providing a 1.5 hour show to anyone that needs a little fresh air.

Hosted by Jeremie Levi Samson, a violinist from Paris, France who has found his way to the Mojave. From Jazz festivals in Europe to tiny bars in the desert, you may have heard Jeremie perform his forte, Jazz Manouche. We invite all types of musical guests on the stage and are honored to be hosting some incredible talent.

We have a set of rules that must be followed for this to succeed:

In order to maintain a safe, fun environment, patrons agree by entering the Drive-in concerts at Mon Petit Mojave to abide by our rules of conduct stated below. Patrons who fail to comply with any of these conditions, at the discretion of management, forfeit their legal right to remain on the premises.

YOU MUST HAVE A CONFIRMED RSVP: Our drive-in concerts are private, invite-only events. When you RSVP/register, you are sending in a request to attend. It is not guaranteed due to our limited capacity. If you do not receive a confirmation email from our team, please do not show up to the venue as you will be denied entrance if you are not on our guest list.

STAY IN, ON, OR NEAR YOUR VEHICLE: You must stay in, on, or in the immediate perimeter of your vehicle at all times unless you are walking to the restroom, taking a photo, or to speak to a staff member. Maintain social distancing and avoid getting close to others.

MASKS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES: If you are sitting outside your vehicle, walking to the restroom, etc you must wear a mask. Stay away from others. Respect social distancing boundaries. If you are inside your vehicle, masks are not required.

THE SPEED LIMIT is 5 MPH AT ALL TIMES. Please wait for the final song to exit the area and be mindful of other cars. Be watchful for small children, dogs or people on chairs at all times.

VEHICLE LIGHTS must remain off during the show – you can FLASH your lights as a sign of applause but do not leave them on. INTERIOR LIGHTS are a distraction to others (including pick up truck bed lights), please limit their usage.

When PARKING your vehicle: someone will be guiding you to the exact spot. Please do not set up your chairs to the side of your vehicle. Your camping chairs must be directly in front of your vehicle. When you set up ‘camp’ adjacent to your vehicle, you are taking up a parking space and getting too close to others for comfort. If you are driving a large vehicle, you will be in the back row. If you are driving a small vehicle, we will do our best to keep you in the first two rows. If you arrive after the show begins, no spot is guaranteed. Parking is mapped out before the show. If you have a problem with your parking spot, or if you feel as if someone is blocking your view, please note: parking a myriad of different sized cars around a small stage is not easy. This is a free concert, and we volunteer our time to make things run smoothly. You will not always have a clear view, especially if you are driving something other than a two seater. If a car is blocking your view, please talk to us first and we will do our best to shift you. Due to the nature of these events, we cannot always guarantee your view. If in doubt be polite and ask. A fire safety lane has to be maintained between the 2nd and third rows. Please set your parking break at all times!

If you will be WATCHING OUTSIDE OF VEHICLE. Place your blankets and chairs in front of the vehicle out of the traffic lane, while on blankets keep a watchful eye on moving traffic, do not leave children unattended on blanket.

SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION due to strong winds or rain, loss of electric power, equipment failure, and other unforeseen issues.

Stay Tuned Keep your radio tuned to 104.5FM to listen to the music in your car. We legally broadcast on the lowest transmission possible.

NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS: If we witness usage or anyone disrupting others that appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs you will be asked to leave. If we become aware of drugs or alcohol you’ll be asked to dump it or leave venue immediately. Enforcement will be called at our discretion.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE ALLOWED: You may bring your own snacks. Please bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. Please TAKE ALL TRASH WITH YOU.

Vehicles emitting excessive fumes, modified exhausts, Diesels, “oil burners”, etc. We reserve the right to have you turn off the vehicle or re-position you to the rear rows, if you run your engine during the show for heating or air-conditioning and we receive complaints of others around you. Vehicles with fuel leaks may be asked to relocate or leave theatre at management’s discretion.

Insurance regulations PROHIBIT cooking or grilling of food on premises, no fire pits, Yard Candles with OPEN FLAME exposed, fireworks & sparklers are forbidden.

NO VULGAR or PROFANE LANGUAGE, as this is a family atmosphere.

If you are going to walk around our property, avoid other patron’s cars. Do not climb or touch the Joshua Trees, do not trample any bushes. We advise you to avoid straying far in the evening so as to not disturb local wildlife. Once the show begins walking around is not allowed, unless you are going to the restroom. No running on the grounds – please keep your children with you at all times. Children must be accompanied to the restroom. Closed toed shoes to be worn at all times.

Keep your Children under direct supervision of guardian at all times. Do not allow them to roam grounds unaccompanied. No climbing on top of vehicles. Children found to be disruptive will be asked to remain in vehicle.

Pets are not allowed. Please email us if you have a service dog.

Laser pointers are prohibited, their use will result in ejection from premises. No shining of any lights on stage, unless you are flashing your car lights in applause. Glow in the dark necklaces, wands etc are allowed.

Please dispose of your trash properly and treat our grounds as you would have us treat your lawn. We do our best to clean up broken glass but accidents do occur.

VANDALISM NOT TOLERATED. Vandalism and willful acts of disruption to others and to nature will result in expulsion from the venue immediately, law enforcement will be called at our discretion.

SMOKING is permitted on the grounds – you must have a container for your ashes. Please do not dispose cigarette buts on the ground, take them with you.

MASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING are enforced at all times. If you are sitting outside of your car, walking to the restroom etc, you are required to wear a mask. Keep your distance from others.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for loss and/or damages to your vehicle, including but not limited to theft, collision, fire, acts of god, weather, construction, etc. while parked at Mon Petit Mojave.

A WAIVER OF LIABILITY IS REQUIRED to attend the show. If you do not sign a waiver, you will not be allowed onto the premises. Waivers are sent electronically via email for e-signatures, and are available on site for those that wish to sign upon arrival.


Please remember this is our private property, essentially our home. Anyone with a poor attitude or disregard of our rules, anyone who is rude or disrespectful to our staff, volunteers, other guests, the surrounding landscape, etc will be ejected immediately.


Mar 13 - 28 2021


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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