March Star Parties at Sky’s The Limit Observatory & Nature Center in Twenty Nine Palms

March Star Parties Star Parties at Sky’s The Limit Observatory & Nature Center in Twenty Nine Palms

Free and open to the public
No reservations required


** Saturday, March 9, 2019 7:00 pm. – 9:00 pm.

UrsaMinor and the North Star. Many Galaxies can be found in this Constellation.M101 is a face-on spiral galaxy of great beauty 17 million light-years away. Another spiral galaxy–M51–is 15 million light years away and,typical ofmost large galaxies, containsbillion of stars.Sunset 5:47pm.Prominent constellations:Taurus (The Bull),Orion(The Hunter), Canis Major(The Large Dog), Gemini(The Twins), Cancer(The Crab), Ursa Major(Big Dipper)

** Saturday, March 23, 2019 8:00 pm. – 10:00 PM.

Mars, the Moon,and ClustersThe faint constellation of Cancer is located to the east of Gemini.It is the only constellation whose brightest stars are fainter than a Messier object within its boundaries. M44, called the Beehive cluster, contains many third magnitude stars and is easily seen with the naked eye. It is 515 light-years away.Just below and to the east you will find M67, called the King Cobra Cluster, which is 2,600 distant and one of the oldest open clusters known at 4.5 billion light-years old. Sunset 6:58pm. Prominent constellations: Taurus (The Bull),Orion(The Hunter),Canis Major (The Large Dog), Gemini(The Twins), Cancer(The Crab), Ursa Major(Big Dipper)Mars,

** Saturday, March 30, 2019 8:00 pm. – 10:00 pm.

Constellations,and ClustersMany fine open clusters can be found in the month of March. Open clusters are groups of stars that were recently formed out of hydrogen gas clouds. The nebulosity of the hydrogen gas has been consumed and the stars are slowly drifting apart. In the constellationof Gemini, M35 is 3800 light-years away. Found inCancer is M44, commonly called the Beehive –one of the brightest as it is only 538 light-years distant.Also found in Cancer is M67–called King Cobra Cluster.Sunset 7:03 pm. Prominent constellations:Taurus (The Bull),Orion(The Hunter),CanisMajor(The Large Dog), Gemini(The Twins), Cancer(The Crab


Sky’s TheLimit Observatory and Nature Center invites guests to enjoy these free nighttime events. Come and go when you wish. The Observatory is just outside the main (North) entrance to Joshua Tree National Park at 9697 Utah Trail, Twentynine Palms. The campus isalways open for visitors to walk the Nature Trail, explore the scale model of our Solar System, and enjoy the Meditation Garden and the astronomy-themed steel sculptures of Simi Dabah. No camping or overnight stays are permitted anywhere on Observatory and Nature Center property. No alcohol, smoking, or pets are allowed, and visitors must carry out all trash.A variety of types and sizes of telescopes are set up for viewing events, and guests are invited to bring their own binoculars and scopes as well. Come around sunset to visit other campus educational attractions before the cosmic tour begins at dark. Dress for unpredictable desert weather and bring snacks, water bottles, chairs, and a red flashlight (to preserve night vision). Adults must accompany and take responsibility for the actions and safety of children under 16.The observatory may have to cancel or postpone an event due to cloudiness, rain, or excessivewind. Check Sky’s The Limit Facebook Pageor follow @STL29Palms to learn the latest status of an event, or call Ray at 760-365-7897.For more information and to see photos taken through STL’s 14” Celestron Schmidt–Cassegraintelescope, visit



Mar 30 2019


Free and no reservations are required

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Sky's The Limit Observatory and Nature Center
9697 Utah Trail, Twentynine Palms, CA, USA


Sky's The Limit Observatory & Nature Center

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