Pentamerous Presented at the Yuca Valley Visual & Performing Arts Center

PENTAMEROUS Art Exhibition

The new Yucca Valley Visual & Performing Arts Center will follow the highly extolled exhibition, ABSOLUTELY ABSTRACT, with a collection of individual exhibitions, opening May 4, 2019. The celebratory public reception will take place that evening from 6-9 pm. The state-of-the-art facility, an annex of the Hi-Desert Cultural Center, will finish out this show season with a blockbuster collection of five exhibitions entitled PENTAMEROUS. The individual shows are WEST, the work of Eric Nash, COSMOVISIONS by Ulrike Arnold, (guest curated by Patricia Watts), LUSH LIFE by Coco Hall, and a month-long Student Exhibition featuring works by visual arts students of the Hi-Desert Cultural Center’s acclaimed ArtsTech Academy program. Following the Student Exhibition and opening on June 8, PERPLEXING VISIONS AND UNREALITIES, the work of Pablo Romero and Matthew Couper, will join the four primary exhibitions and show through the close of the PENTAMEROUS Exhibition on July 28. This array of exhibitions is executive curator Michael McCall’s choice to branch out from the past year’s focus on single-themed shows.


Eric Nash, a California artist and resident of Yucca Valley, works in oil and charcoal. In WEST, His subject matter focuses on icons and scenes inspired by California and the West. Often highly realistic, his images are pared down to their idealized essence often conveying a film still or a memory.

German born, Ulrike Arnold, has created paintings made from soils, mud, and clay from all five continents over the past thirty years. In COSMOVISION, she will present the paintings from her journey two years ago to the Yucatan Peninsula which combine a the mud and clay from the region, as well as meteorite dust from the meteorite, Chicxulub that hit the earth near Merida, Mexico approximately 65 million years ago.

In LUSH LIFE, artist Coco Hall displays her colorful fabric, ceramic, and other artworks with a humorous flair. Based in Joshua Tree, California, Hall’s main current is in the wonderful/horrible of the world and likes showing this through the use of humor because it helps “open the mind.”

PERPLEXING VISIONS AND UNREALITIES is a two-person exhibition. Pablo Romero is an artist living in Landers, California, whose work is based in the imagination of the mind in what he sees and feels. Some of what he paints are true stories and some are fiction always combined with a bizarre sense of humor. Matthew Couper, a native of New Zealand currently living in Las Vegas, created artwork rooted in his admiration for the anonymous devotional paintings that flourished in Spanish Colonial societies. He creates personal and idiosyncratic narratives that explore myth, religion, politics and personal experience.

The Students of the Hi-Desert Cultural Center’s extensive visual arts classes will present a collective body of work featuring the culmination of this past season’s classes, including ceramics, comic-book illustration, watercolor, and more.


Jun 20 2019 - Jul 28 2019


1:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Yucca Valley Visual & Performing Arts Center
58325 CA-62, Yucca Valley, CA 92284


Yucca Valley Visual and Performing Arts Center

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