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Virtual Zoom Event: Secret Gay Codes in Iconic Work of Art

Join us for a virtual Zoom talk that will reveal the extraordinary secret GAY codes hiding in plain sight in iconic works of art!
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Key artists throughout history, from Michelangelo to Jasper Johns, have used secret gay codes in their work, why is this? An hour-long virtual talk by Ignacio Darnaude, creator of the upcoming documentary series HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT – BREAKING THE GAY CODE IN ART, will reveal iconic works of art in a whole new light. We guarantee that you’ll never look at these artists and art in general with the same eyes again.Some of the highlights of this Zoom tour include:

Artists such as Thomas Eakins, Francis Bacon and Durer managed to portray male nudes during repressive times thanks to thinly-veiled codes
Paintings with coded cruising scenes, from the Renaissance to modern day front-page news scandals
Michelangelo sent sexually explicit, allegorical poems and drawings to his beloved Tommaso. It took over 300 years for his codes to be discovered, finally revealing his true feelings.
Unable to express their love for their same-sex partners openly, Grant Wood (“American Gothic”), Marsden Hartley and many lesbian artists got away with it by using beautifully coded imagery
During the highly homophobic McCarthy era, Jasper Johns managed to address his sexuality in his work thanks to game-changing codes.
Plus so much more!

We need to spread the knowledge of these secret codes to avoid erasing gay history from the collective memory.


Nov 15 2020


11:00 am - 12:15 pm



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Virtual Zoom Event: Secret Gay Codes in Iconic Works of Art


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