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Zoom Event: Contemporary Queers at MoMA

Join us for our 2nd virtual Zoom tour of the Museum of Modern Art to discover how queer artists are defining the art of our time!

NOTE: This is a brand spanking new tour and totally different than our previous queer tour of MOMA.
Contemporary Queers at MoMA

Queer artists have been around since the beginning. From Michelangelo to Dürer, from Frida Kahlo to Andy Warhol, queer art can claim some of the biggest names in the field. But what are queer artists up to nowadays? Join George Benson (ex-MoMA Educator) on an hour long virtual tour of MoMA’s contemporary galleries to look at and discuss some of MoMA’s most celebrated artworks made by contemporary queer artists. On this tour we will see:

Keith Haring and how his subway drawings transformed the art world
Nan Goldin and how her photographs changed the way we look at the queer community
Glenn Ligon and how his conceptualization of race and sexuality asks the viewer to reevaluate their place in society
We take a special trip back in time to visit Paris in 1863 to find out what exactly Édouard Manet has to do with contemporary art
Plus so much more!

Art has never been queerer and it’s here waiting for you (virtually) at MoMA!


Oct 04 2020


11:00 am - 12:15 pm



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Zoom Event: Contemporary Queers at MoMA


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