Explore Palm Springs: Mayor Charlie Farrell

Takes back his resignation after hearing from voters, businesses, and city council

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On Nov. 4, 1952, Charlie Farrell, actor and mayor of Palm Springs, was re-sworn in as city councilman from the fourth district and then unanimously elected by his fellow members on the city council to continue as mayor.

Just six days earlier, Farrell had resigned from his post by telegram, but an unprecedented demand by the voters, local businessmen, and the current city council convinced him to rescind his resignation.

Farrell was re-sworn in by City Clerk Louise McCarn as Florian Boyd, Ruth Hardy, Frank Miller, Earle Strebe, Jerry Nathanson, Ted McKinney and the City Attorney looked on.

There is a multitude of ways to learn more about Palm Springs, which turned 75 in 2013.

One of the more intriguing methods is by exploring the city’s history.

The Palm Springs Historical Society will share a weekly story whose time and place corresponds with today.

The Palm Springs Historical Society is located at 221 S. Palm Canyon Drive. Visit www.pshistoricalsociety.org for more information.


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