Explore Palm Springs: Western Week

October event included parade, rodeo, carnival street dance and deep pit barbecue

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Historically, Western Week, an annual event held during the month of October, marked the end of the summer and the beginning of the brand new season.

Western Week began in 1941 and was sponsored by Los Compadres, one of the oldest and most active riding clubs in Palm Springs. The entire event consisted of activities that honored the western culture, which is a vital part of the history of Palm Springs.

Residents and tourists alike enjoyed the celebration of Western Week. The event featured a parade down Palm Canyon Drive, a rodeo, a carnival street dance and a deep pit barbecue.

Employees of local banks, grocery stores, and service station attendants as well as employees of restaurants, hotels, and retail stores wore western attire and joined in the fun.

The deep pit barbecue is the only part of the Western Week tradition that has survived since 1941. The menu remains as it was in 1941.

Guests enjoy a feast of ranch beans, coleslaw, bread and cookies – all made to complement the beef clods that are slow-cooked all night long.

There is a multitude of ways to learn more about Palm Springs, which turned 75 in 2013.

One of the more intriguing methods is by exploring the city’s history.

The Palm Springs Historical Society will share a weekly story whose time and place corresponds with today.

The Palm Springs Historical Society is located at 221 S. Palm Canyon Drive. Visit www.pshistoricalsociety.org for more information.

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