Choose from apparel and jewelry or a decorative carrying pouch.

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These one-of-a-kind fashion pieces will draw oohs and ahhs — and not simply because they’re chic. True artists have bought them to life.

1. Hat

At the Bungalow 17 Studio tucked away in Palm Springs’ La Plaza, Kris Weinshilboum vends her hand-knit natural fiber pieces, such as this cozy and colorful hat, alongside other handiworks by fellow desert craftspeople, including quirky earrings, haul-ready totes, and rainbow-hued paintings and cards. 360-472-1426

2. Necklace

A former scientist, Desert Art Center artist Ron Taylor now creates stunningly graphic jewelry out of metal clay — a mix of microscopic metals in an organic matrix. After his pieces are designed, dried, and fired, the matrix burns away and the particles fuse, leaving nothing but pure metalalic marvelousness. desertartcenter.org

3. Gem

Austin Julián Galindo’s crystalline creations are a standout selection for anyone in your life who could use a little magic around their neck or on finger. His dazzlingly detailed gems — hugged by wired metals and silver solder — make each Lunar Jewelz piece a powerful fashion statement as well as pretty. lunar-jewelz. myshopify.com

4. Pack

Crafted in their splashy Palm Springs studio, Superbloom’s water-resistant pouches sport three pockets and endless possibilities: each of their 10 available patterns represents a distinct quality — bold, passionate, loyal, etc. — and the packs are cut differently across the print, making them as unique as the individual who receives them. superbloom.world

5. Jacket

What’s old isn’t just new again at the funky Rancho Mirage boutique Rancho Relaxo — it’s also fashion fabulous, as evidenced by this reclaimed denim jacket that received a stylish update with fun fringe and dueling roadrunner cut-outs care of Indira Pashke, who provides upcycled makeovers to forgotten textiles. ranchorelaxoca.com