Lantern Bearers

Fresh from France, 
a rechargeable glow that 
weathers the elements.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

Like most of us, 
Fermob lanterns are content to sit by the pool and do nothing (but shine). They’re 
also happy to toss their light when hung from one of the company’s portable stands.

“Fermob” doesn’t roll off the tongue in a very français way. It sounds more like a line of mafia-inspired apparel for dogs than a mod manufacturer of outdoor furniture, accessories, and lighting.

Nevertheless, the French company’s outdoor lanterns have become best-sellers at Pelago in Uptown Palm Springs. The store recently expanded into a larger showroom with floor-to-ceiling glass on two sides of its corner locale across from Trina Turk. More square footage means more space for Fermob’s versatile range of mobile outdoor lighting.

The Balad lantern’s handle, which resembles a pair of sleek headphones, comes in six colors; a seventh, honey, is on the way. Set a few on the table, scatter them around the garden, line a path, take one to the hot tub, or hang it where you please from a portable upright or offset stand.

Pelago has carried the full line of these clever lamps that blend into their settings since they were introduced to the U.S. market a year ago. “They are hugely popular with our customers, both local and those visiting from other parts of the country and Canada,” says Pelago co-owner Mark Wallaert. “So much so that we are Fermob’s top seller of this collection. Our personal favorite is the large lantern paired with the large offset stand. It works great over an outdoor dining table or seating area. We used ours at our outdoor Thanksgiving dinner table.”

Charge with a USB cable to enjoy two LED brightness settings, two color-temperature settings (warm and cool white), and a 14-hour battery life that will outlast most millennial-hosted parties.

This spring, the anticipated popularity of a second lighting line might eclipse that of the Balad. Fermob’s new Mooon! lamp is a luminous round orb on a pole base. It won’t hang in the sky, but it might change your mood.