7 lakes study

Fireplace in Flight

When you’re short on floor space, this flame hangs out

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design

7 lakes study
Notice the hanging fireplace on the left.

You might recognize this lounge area from the DIY house story on a Seven Lakes condo in Palm Springs.

Homeowner Gary Lands conceived the focal points as a reproduction Mies van der Rohe Barcelona daybed flanked by a replica Serge Mouille 3 Arm Standing Lamp. Our eyes went straight to the stainless steel hanging fireplace.

A primitive African wood sculpture sits below the futuristic orb by Cocoon Fireplaces. The shapely piece by Latin American designer Federico Otero promises an easy installation and the mere CO2 of a single candle.

It’s smoke-free, doesn’t require a flue, and delivers ambient heat. “It really warms the house on cool nights. And it burns environmentally friendly biofuel,” says Lands, referring to plant-derived denatured ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, or grain alcohol. “Interestingly, with the removal of the internal fire burner it can double as a large ice bucket for Champagne parties.”

Available in black and stainless steel, the line also includes two freestanding floor models (one with tripod legs) and a wall-mounted version that resembles a 
modern porthole.