Galleries – March 2009

Four artists, four galleries, four distinct styles

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Matthew Carone
Melissa Morgan Fine Art

Matthew Carone took up painting in the 1940s after Hans Hoffman asked him to model in a class in which Carone’s brother Nicolas was a student. He has never stopped painting since that seminal experience in Abstract Expressionism. His newest work reveals many of his influences, especially Roberto Matta and Franz Klein. It departs from the musicians and mythological figures that populate some of his earlier paintings and uses a dynamic gestural vocabulary that’s confident, rich in color and texture, and charged with emotion. (760) 341-1056

Laddie John Dill
Coda Gallery

Los Angeles artist Laddie John Dill’s wall constructions — created with raw cement
and smooth glass — look like geometrically fractured landscapes as they might appear
from an aerial perspective, perhaps through an airplane window. Earth tones, contrasting textures, and formalist arrangement of parts create three-dimensional topographic pictures that remind us of rugged mountains, undulating seas, and barren deserts. (760) 346-4661

Modern Masters
Eleonore Austerer Gallery

She wanted to retire, but passion prevailed. Eleonore Austerer’s new, downsized space on El Paseo in Palm Desert specializes in original and rare graphic works by Modern masters. This month, Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso command the walls. The Miró shown above, Danseuses Acrobates, comes from the artist’s Constellation series — executed in France after Miró fled the fall of the Spanish Republic — and has a pochoir drawing on the verso. Pochoir, or hand coloring, is a technique used to refine limited edition prints. Andre Breton composed poems to help contextualize the Constellation pieces. (760) 346-3695

Joanna Zjawinska
The Hart Gallery

Inspired by Vermeer, Degas, and Sargent, Polish artist Joanna Zjawinska — a graduate of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts who moved to San Francisco in 1979 — expresses her passion for life, family, homeland, and her adopted home in a feminine and seductive style. Her paintings explore complex relationships and are influenced by cinema, fashion, and music. (760) 346-4243


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