Gerald Patrick Paints on His Terms Now

Palm Springs artist made his name in plate, dinnerware design

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You’ve probably eaten with or on a piece of Gerald Patrick’s artwork.

His flatware and china designs for Mikasa and Lenox are what put him on the map over a 35-year career.

"My last flatware pattern was designed for Donna Karan," Patrick says. "You won’t see my name on all of my designs, but I’m the fella behind it."

Retirement has allowed him to steer his artistic talents in another direction.

His own.

“This is more important to me. It’s for me," Patrick says. “And I have not been able to say that for 35 years. And in the design world, not only do you have an opinion of the design, the owner of the business has more of a say of what comes out and what doesn’t. And it’s all about the money.”

Patrick will exhibit his paintings at his studio along with two other Palm Springs artists, photographer Stephen Baumbach and functional art furniture designer Ron Graziano, Oct. 9-10 from 4-8 p.m. each day.

Patrick says he plans to conduct exhibits at his studio once a month through March.

“I see the difference of what I am capable of doing,” Patrick says. “From modernism look to a simple look to a crazy look if you would call it. If you see my work, you’ll know my work.”

Gerald Patrick Studio, Art Exhibit, Oct. 9-10, 4-8 p.m., 1800 Via Negocio Road, Suite 9, Palm Springs, 702-232-0821;,, and


VIDEO: Watch Gerald Patrick begin a new painting in his studio, and listen to where he finds his inspirations.


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