Good Day, Sunshine

Cool, fashionable shades have a higher purpose

Jorie Parr El Paseo, Shopping 0 Comments

In the bright light of the desert, sunglasses reign as the most important fashion accessory. So have fun with them: Collect a spectacular wardrobe to fit your persona du jour.

Consider stylish shades as your signature expression. Are you neo-retro? Look for an update of postwar cat-eyes, classic Ray-Ban Aviators, or John Lennon-style “teashades.”

If you want a more avant-garde flair, color-blocked frames by Prada could be the perfect fit.

What would Lady Gaga do?

If your taste runs to soignée Chanel, check out the trademark pearls and bows that accent this line. If bling is your thing, exquisite creations by esteemed jewelers such as Fred of Paris fill the bill. You can hardly go wrong with oversized, Jackie O-style frames.

Modern men, unlike Louis XIV, work with few adornments, even phasing out neckties. So, by all means, make the most of your masculine presence with downright cool sunglasses.

And remember that when selecting sunglasses, style should follow function. For example, frames with broad temple arms minimize “stray” light. You want to protect your eyes from exposure to sunlight, especially ultraviolet radiation.

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