Have You Had A Complexion Analysis?

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Courtesy Contour Dermatology

Now you can see beneath the surface of your skin. Digital technology called the VISIA complexion analysis shows patients their level of skin health and helps determine the most appropriate treatments for wrinkles, spots (including UV spots), and other conditions.

VISIA generates quantitative values for skin features that previously could only be evaluated subjectively. Its multispectral imaging system captures visual information that affects complexion health and appearance.

Patients receive simple reports and a comparison of their skin evaluation to 100 other people in their same skin type and age. This analysis provides the data needed to develop a specific treatment plan.

“The depth that we’re able to see with this equipment is incredible,” says Dr. Timothy Jochen, of Contour Dermatology, which offers VISIA analysis. “It’s a great visual aid to show patients where they have areas that need attention, and it helps us better tailor treatment options to their specific needs.”

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