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Your smartphone can help assist your health and fitness goals

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From mapping your moods to measuring steps, these popular apps — used alone or together — offer all that’s needed to inspire and support personal mind and body health and fitness goals.

This social fitness network works for anyone needing a fun environment with lots of support to stay on track with exercise and health habits.

Using geolocation and indoor/outdoor tracking, the app monitors current and cumulative UV exposure.

MyFitnessPal and MyPlate:
Lose weight the smart way with either of these two calorie-counting apps that are so much more.,

Pure and simple, this iOS-only app is the essential meditation timer and tracker.

This free “fitness companion” uses smartphone sensors to measure steps, runs, and rides.

Part symptoms decoder, part physician reference, this app is a godsend for parents and anyone else curious about what ails them.

Ask any health question and get answers from a real M.D. within 24 hours. Local physician referrals are also part 
of the program.

A perennial favorite for runners and cyclists, the app is a winner for both tracking and training.

Designed to overcome depression, the app tracks your mood every day using an online card game and supportive community of friends and family.


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