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Helen Reddy Makes a Triumphant Return

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Helen Reddy
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Say the name “Helen Reddy” to anyone who was around during the 1970s, and they will probably respond by belting out the lyrics to her greatest hit, “I Am Woman.” The song became a feminist manifesto and the soundtrack to the Equal Rights Movement. That’s an impressive legacy for a performer who started her career onstage with her vaudevillian parents.

Reddy stepped away from the microphone 10 years ago and immersed herself in the study of hypnotherapy. However, it didn’t take long before her show-biz past would catch up with her. Palm Springs Life spoke to the singer as she prepared to embark on the next chapter: a return to the stage at Annenberg Theater.

Catch our full interview with Helen Reddy.

Book your tickets for the Mar. 1, 8 p.m. show at
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