hermano flower shop

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Sesar Orozco and Adrian Romero incorporate their Mexican heritage and traditions into their work and shop in Palm Springs.

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hermano flower shop

Sesar Orozco and Adrian Romero: Owners, Hermano.

Hermano flower shop owners 
Sesar Orozco and Adrian Romero craft bodacious bouquets and welcome fellow artists to their airy space in Palm Springs’ Mojave Flea Trading Post.

Why did you name your shop Hermano?

Adrian: Hermano means “brother” in Spanish. There’s more to us than just flowers. We wanted to build a sense of community.

What makes 
Hermano unique?

Sesar: We are seasonal florists and take our time with each arrangement. They might look like they’ve just been wrapped, but there are specific folds and ties behind everything. There are a lot of steps that go into creating this little arrangement. [It’s] something you can’t buy at a grocery store, and that’s 
the point.


What inspires your arrangements?

Sesar: Our Mexican backgrounds are very important to us. We incorporate our heritage and traditions into our work and shop.
Adrian: That’s why Hermano looks the way it does. We love this brick wall in the shop 
because that reminds us of Mexico. The way we painted it, where the bottom quarter of it is black and then the rest of it is white, you find a lot of walls like that in Mexico. I love the contrast of the dirty and ugly with flowers making it beautiful. It’s like life.

What motivated you to invite musicians to perform in the shop?

Adrian: I love NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series where bands perform behind someone’s desk at work. I wanted to do that in a flower shop and give local artists a platform for their fans on YouTube and 
Instagram. We get to help the community. Eventually, our goal is to have a really big venue that’s both a flower shop and a creative space.

What arrangements had 
the biggest impact on you?

Adrian: Someone requested a sympathy bouquet representing a young man who passed away. She wrote, “He was poetic, a little shy, and liked dark colors.”
Sesar: I saw myself in those words. I used colors — darker tones, cool oranges — that represented our age and creativity. I told her that when she came to pick it up. She started crying, and then I started crying. That’s the power of flowers.

Sesar and Adrian Recommend

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