Hike of the Month: South Lykken Trail

Spring brings a chance to see flowering plants on this trail.

Steven Biller Hiking

This moderately challenging hike is worth the strain. 

South Lykken Trail

Palm Springs’ steep and rocky South Lykken Trail offers a moderately challenging workout and a feast for the eyes. Regardless of which end you start from on the 4.5-mile trail, your first order of business will be zigzagging up roughly 1,000 feet to a set of picnic tables — a logical place to catch your breath. Then, as you traverse the ridge along the San Jacinto Mountains, you’ll likely see yellow brittlebush, flowering cactuses, bighorn sheep, and even a waterfall in Tahquitz Canyon. But this is no out-and-back hike; you’ll either walk back to your car on the road or call a friend or an Uber.

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