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These eco-friendly items are good for your home — and everyone in it.

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Recycled, repurposed — and remarkable items in any setting.
Now You See It …
NanaWalls — even this one on a curved track — are weather-tight walls of glass that vanish when open for uncluttered views and a flow of uninterrupted living. As an added benefit, the company uses recyclable aluminum, environment-friendly powder coat paints, water-based wood finishes, and recyclable packing material. They also can offer assistance working with the U.S. Green Building Council.
(800) 873-5673, www.nanawall.com.
   All Bottled Up
Sundance Catalog offers these pendant lamps crafted from salvaged vintage seltzer bottles from the 1930s. Their original tin coatings remain intact, making them shine even when they’re not illuminated. Hardwiring required; $395.
(800) 422-2770,  www.sundancecatalog.com.
   Standing in Lines

The naturally striped Pi Dining Table is just one of the captivating pieces that Scrapile makes by collecting and repurposing discarded scraps of wood from New York’s woodworking industry; $4,028.
(866) 848-2840, www.vivavi.com.
  Lay Low
Indoors or out, the Tonecoon is an eye-catching addition to any setting. Hand-woven water hyacinth is wrapped tightly around a durable rattan frame to create this unique place to curl up or lounge out, complete with an attached side table to host your book or beverage. Water hyacinth is a highly renewable natural fiber that grows so quickly in parts of Asia that it is often considered an environmental nuisance. Here it is used to magnificent effect. Available with either a 100 percent cotton or polyurethane plastic cushion; $4,000.
(718) 233-9033, www.vivavi.com.
Bearing a smart pricetag, this bed by Zocalo also appeals to those on the hunt for eco-friendly furniture with its smart manufacturing processes. A favorite piece from the Otto line, it is woven with a nontoxic plastic polymer that has indoor-outdoor strength and can be recycled when you redecorate; $900 full/queen, $1,140 Eastern/California king. Bamboo pieces in the company’s Echo collection (not shown) include armoires, sideboards, dressers, and nightstands. They are eye-catching, durable, and made from a renewable resource rarely seen in mass furniture production.
Stray Dog Designs, 67-772 E. Palm Canyon, Suite B-101, Cathedral City, 328-0648.
Slightly Off
The Off Pitcher + Cup makes sheer beauty out of recycled glass stock that’s processed in an electric furnace powered by wind energy. The design was originally crafted for Clarklewis, a restaurant in Portland, OR, where they are hand made; $189.
(415) 341-1824, www.branchhome.com.
Big Screen
Sustainably harvested (FSC-certified) beech (pictured), maple, or pine wood and cotton rope are the only materials of this groovy, handmade Piasa Room Divider designed by Emiliano Godoy; starts at $6,040.
(415) 341-1824, www.branchhome.com.

  Clean Living
“Some of the most popular [cleaning] products on the market are actually harmful to your furniture,” says designer Timothy Corrigan. After years of searching for high-quality, earth-friendly products to use on his antiques and those of his clients, he came out with his own line. Restore (wood preserver), uses beeswax and orange oil; Luster (wood cleaner and polish) and Spotless (fabric cleaner) contain vegetable-derived ingredients and/or oils; and Gleam (silver polish) does not contain harsh abrasives or acids; $48/set.
That Sinking Feeling
The Cirque Vessel in sandstone is one of the sinks, vanities, and tubs that Stone Forest’s skilled artisans hand carve and chisel of natural materials. The handwork ensures earth-friendly manufacturing, while the lack of lamination after carving protects the environment from harmful chemicals. Stone Forest combines Japanese style with the rock’s individual attributes for each of its one-of-a-kind pieces; $850.
Bath & Kitchen Elegance, 75-105 Merle Dr., Palm Desert, 568-9300.

Sleep On It
You’ve heard commercials for the DUX of Sweden DUX 8888 Bed, the only innerspring mattress with adjustable lumbar support for a better, deeper night’s sleep. But here’s more: Its all-natural materials are toxin-free and organic, from the wood and steel to the latex and cotton, all made without off-gases. Crank-controlled, the bed’s mechanical system adjusts its support to target your lumbar vertebrae. Try one in a napping room at
DUXIANA, 73-680 El Paseo, Palm Desert, 837-3511, www.DUXbed.com.
Whimsy on Wallpaper
Metallic swirls and leaves in crimson/true gold are the basis for this sculptured, handmade creation from the Piroutte book by Kossel Studios that is done in waterbased, nonpollutant dyes. Also available: allnatural grasscloth wallpapers.
WallSource, 73-661 Hwy. 111, Palm Desert, 340-6755.
Freshly Showered
All handcrafted Oceanside Glasstile is made from silica sand, an abundant natural resource, and from 20 to 86 percent recycled glass, including the blue gradient tiles in this beachy shower by designer Risty Williams. Annually, the Carlsbad-based company uses more than 2 million pounds of glass from curbside recycling that would otherwise end up in landfills into expressive and sustainable design materials. Tiles come in 44 colors and in iridescent, noniridescent, and matte finishes.
Victory Tile, 68-796 Perez Rd., Cathedral City, 321-6000;
D’Mundo Tile Inc., 77-725 Enfield Lane #170, Palm Desert, 360-0097; www.glasstile.com.
Ready, Set, Crack
A renewable bamboo tray and pure white porcelain come to the table to form this smiling Six-Piece Seafood Set with cracker and fork; $40.
Get a Grip
Put a little less cardboard in your day by turning down a disposable coffee sleeve and opting for your own Hip Grip by Allie Walker Designs. Toula (shown at left) is one of more than a dozen designs; $12-$17.
(206) 729-4988, www.myhipgrip.com.
Twist on Tradition
Todd Seidman designed the bamboo-and-stainless- steel Georgie table and named it after his obvious inspiration, George Nelson — whose famous slat bench never gets to be old news. Hand-made in Brooklyn, NY, of renewable and recyclable materials, Georgie’s production process greatly reduces construction waste; $4,798.
(415) 341-1824, www.branchhome.com
Console Me
The Signature 2.0 by Iannone Sanderson offers a decorative graphic on a sleek, minimal storage unit. Organic, sustainable kirei board combines with a gloss white laminate and stainless steel legs. The finish is a low-VOC, water-based lacquer to promote healthier indoor air quality; $1,800.
(866) 848-2840, www.vivavi.com.

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