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In Bloom

Here is sage advice for budding gardeners from River Hudson and Regina Carter of Horticultural Holiday, who beautify outdoor spaces across Greater Palm Springs.

Derrik J. Lang Current Guide, Home & Design

horticultural holiday instagram

River Hudson and Regina Carter have created the landscaping for a Hugh Kaptur-designed home to a living wall outside the Jalisco-style restaurant Tac/Quila.

Here are their three tips for budding gardners.

Shop Local

“We have the luxury of garden centers like Bob Williams 
Nursery in La Quinta and Moller’s Garden Center in 
Palm Desert that have been around for a long time. Before you start shopping, think about where your sun rises and sets, as well as colors that make you smile and complement your home. Surprising mixes of flowers and succulents can be living art pieces.”

Stay Sharp

“Dead heading is a necessary step to encourage blooming. Keep a keen eye on the flowers and snip back at the leaf node when the flower petals droop. Wilting flowers begin to put energy into seed producing rather than fresh blooms, which we want to encourage. Make sure your flower snips are sharp. We love Niwaki snips as our daily pruner.”

Reach for the Sky

“We are big enthusiasts of creatively displaying different specimen varieties. Don’t be afraid to install plant panels on walls or use simple iron hangers.


Your project doesn’t need a grand scope. Start on a small scale to train your green thumb. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you lose a plant. Try again — or call a local landscaper to go up the wall for you.”

Visit horticulturalholiday.com.

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