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cannabis dispensaries
Though style may come to dispensaries in time, most look as consumer sexy as a tax preparer’s office.

What a difference a year and a little statewide referendum makes. Just one year ago there seemed to be a small smattering of unobtrusive, almost painfully anonymous cannabis dispensaries scattered around Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs, and Cathedral City (our other six sister cities currently do not allow medical marijuana dispensaries, although that may change in time).

Now, you can’t throw a bong without hitting one.

Kenneth Churchill, president and founder of West Coast Cannabis Club, opened one of the newer dispensaries in the valley, having taken advantage of Cathedral City’s recent 2017 issuance of permits. He points out that it’s not simply the access to these licenses that has made the valley attractive to his business and others.

“It was important for us to find a community that would benefit from our menu. Coachella Valley’s older demographic, heavy veteran population, and institutions such as the Desert AIDS Project would ensure that [there] would be people here who would benefit from our service,” Churchill says. “Demographics and culture were exactly what we were looking for. Progressive, artistic, open-minded people.”

Like many of the other dispensaries that have recently opened, West Coast Cannabis Club is firmly dedicated to medical use. However, if and when recreational use becomes a reality, Churchill says, “if the stigmas around cannabis are slowly chipped away, then that is simply a cherry on top.”


Desert Hot Springs

All About Bud

64949 Mission Lakes Blvd. Ste. 114


Brown Dog Health and Wellness
66595 Pierson Blvd.

Green Leaf Wellness

12285 Palm Drive, Ste. 102 

Green Pearl Organics

64949 Mission Lakes Blvd. 
Ste. 108. 760-894-3146;


11555 Palm Drive


SunGrow Collective 
& CBD Center

17003 Palm Drive

760-329-5000 sungrowcollective


North Palm Springs

Desert Organic Solutions

19486 Newhall Street

Palm Springs

CAPS Wellness Center

4050 Airport Center Drive 760-864-8700

Joy of Life Wellness Center

142 W. Oasis Road


Organic Solutions 
of the Desert

4765 E. Ramon Road
760-832-7813 organicsolutionsofthedesert

Palm Springs Safe Access

1247 Gene Autry Trail


PSA Organica

400 E. Sunny Dunes Road 760-778-1053

Cathedral City

Atomic Budz Dispensary

68415 Perez Road

Cathedral City Care Collective

68860 Perez Road, Ste. E 760-832-6417

CC Leaf

68444 Perez Road, Ste. HI 760-615-5225

Desert Hot Springs Collective

66292 Pierson Blvd.

Green Cross Pharma

68730 Summit Drive

HOTN Cultivation Co.

68945 Vista Chino, Ste. A 760-832-7614

Iguana Collective

68449 Perez Road, Ste. 1

No Wait Meds

68860 Ramon Road, Ste. 2

Remedy Inc.

68945 Vista Chino , Ste. C

West Coast Cannabis Club

68828 Ramon Road, Ste. A2 760-689-2582;