dr wendy roberts dermatology

How to Build a Lifetime of Skin Care

A May 14 event gives Dr. Wendy Roberts a chance to educate the public about skin cancer prevention and treatments.

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dr wendy roberts dermatology

Dr. Wendy Roberts leads a May 14 event, “Beauty on the Spot, before tying the Knot”, at Summer Colony Living in Palm Desert.

A wedding represents a new chapter in your life, and Dr. Wendy Roberts wants to mark the occasion as also a starting point to taking care of your skin.

“What’s a better time to start looking at your skin, when you're getting married, because it's a new beginning,” says Roberts, who is skilled in three specialties — surgery, dermatology, and pathology — as part of her solo practice in Rancho Mirage. “I'm trying to educate brides at that point in time, when they're getting married, check-in, get your dress and your veil, but also check in with your skin.”

That’s how Roberts created the event, “Beauty on the Spot, before tying the Knot”, which runs 2:30-7 p.m. Friday (May 14) at Summer Colony Living in Palm Desert. The event is open to everyone and features a menu of skin treatments, lip filler refinement and augmentation, and a Jeuveau injectable treatment among others. To make an appointment call 760-413-8262, and walk-ins are also welcome.

Roberts welcomes the chance to use the event as a teaching opportunity about skincare that sometimes gets lost when the focus becomes about “the cosmetic and looking young, but not of healthy skin,” Roberts says. “Having a healthy skin barrier means that you are less likely to have skin cancer. And skin cancer is all about prevention.”

Roberts, who has gained national recognition for being a Master Dermatologist, key opinion leader, innovator, and caring clinician, spoke with Palm Springs Life about the event and maintaining healthy skin.


Dr. Wendy Roberts

How did you realize there was a need for this type of event for brides-to-be?

I specialize in age management. I take a person from their 20s all the way to their 60s and beyond. What we are finding out is that a lot of the things that happen in your fourth, fifth, and sixth decade, brown spots and lines for example. I've seen people's skin age from being in the desert for over 25 years. It can be prevented if you practice preventative generational dermatology. If you start practice that in your 20s and 30s.

Does their mom has crow’s feet or dark circles? Is that something that you might have? And if so, we want to stop it right now and prevent it from getting worse over time. The brides really could take advantage from skin rejuvenation especially when they start early.

Why did you pick Summer Colony Living to host the event, and what role are they playing in the event?

I picked Summer Colony Living because my dear friend, Debra Carrington, is the owner and she has an unbelievable bridal shop. It's bridal gowns, bridal veils, and all the accessories. We're combining our womanpower and creating a turnkey bridal solution here in the desert.

How does this event tie into May being Skin Cancer Awareness Month?

It's great to have events like this, which really give me a chance to educate about skin cancer prevention and treatments. For example, after you have a sunburn you should come straight to your dermatologist because there are treatments that can be applied immediately in the office that can reverse the sun damage.

If you do have skin cancer, then you should also see your dermatologist. I'm the only physician, dermatologist in the Riverside, San Bernardino, Coachella Valley area, who has a non-surgical skin cancer treatment program. I get a lot of patients who come from Los Angeles and other places around here.

What kind of benefits do the services and treatments provide?

There's going to be 9 to 12 different stations from skin rejuvenation to skin exfoliation. We're doing noninvasive skin tightening. We're doing lifts, lip fillers, and lip enhancement. We're doing Jeuveau, which is a type of neurotoxin that smoothens out wrinkles. We're using the miracle mask, which just is amazing for skin tightening and freshening up the skin. We have a service called bodybrasion. It is removing the dry dead skin of the bride’s back for example. We're doing BPO, a VI peel, which is a refreshing peel with no downtime, which can be used even in the week of the wedding. We'll check out some makeup as well. I call it forensic cosmetic. We'll be looking in people's purses and finding out what products they use that is breaking their skin out.

What type of COVID safety practices will be in place for the event?

We have a very strict COVID policy. As we do in my office, everyone will be scanned. Temperatures will be taken and we will be asking the questions for people’s COVID status at the door. Masks are mandatory as well.

What has the pandemic been like for you personally, and what impact has it had on your business?

Personally it's allowed me to look at my practice and examine my processes. I reached out to my patients and let them know that I'm essential, that my doors would not be closed, but we were going to make some changes. Everything is by appointment. You just can't walk in. I had to deal with a pandemic before so I felt comfortable working through it with the right safety precautions and procedures.

So many people thanked me for being open because I was able to help, not only with dermatology. Remember how it was back then, it was just a panic. I was able to talk to people, console them, and give medical advice. My telemedicine practice boomed during this time. I actually went deep and came out of COVID, I think, with a practice even richer in services, even more patient-oriented. I really thrived and I feel very blessed by that.

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