How to Pick the Proper Paver Sealer

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Just like paints at the hardware store, sealers have different finishes.

Some will be invisible and not change the appearance of the paver surface. Others will put a shine much like a semi-gloss paint or produce a high gloss finish like a freshly waxed car. The glossier sealers may be the option for certain styles, however many of today’s pavers that simulate natural stone may be better with an invisible finish.

Much like finish, today’s sealers can also enhance or darken the color of the paving stones. There are some water-based products in the market that can enhance the color, but to really darken the finish often requires a solvent-based sealer.

Do not confuse color enhancing with finish. Some will darken the color with no sheen, while others may not darken the color but put a high gloss on the surface.

Sealers can also add a layer of stain resistance to the pavers. They often prevent stains from being able to quickly penetrate into the stone and give you time to treat it to minimize its effect on the pavers.

Different sealers have different levels of resistance and some actually keep the stain on the surface so it can be wiped up easily.

Sealers typically do more than just seal the pavers. They also stabilize the joint sand by binding the sand particles together. Some paver shapes with larger false or wide joints may require the use of a stabilizer to keep the sand in the joint.

The stabilized sand prevents seeds from germinating, insects from burrowing and from eroding out of the joint on a slope or near a pool.

Higher quality paving stone sealers are engineered to penetrate into the paver so that the surface will not become slippery when wet.

A higher price tag is not an indication of quality, and it is important to look at the life expectancy of the sealer. Lower quality sealers may need to be reapplied more frequently and be more costly in the long term.

Gather as much information about the sealer you plan to use so that expectations do not exceed its capabilities.

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